Android 4.2.2 in Galaxy Nexus 7 Nexus and Nexus 10

4.2.2 Android is already here. Some users are reporting in the United States that its Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus-10 is being updated to the latest version of Android. Curiously still no news that is coming to the Nexus 4 while it was assumed that it would be the first handset to receive this update. In fact this version comes preinstalled on some Nexus 4 supplied lately.

The changes are not very visible, because the update is aimed at fix bugs acquaintances and various minor problems in relation to the overall experience of the user. In addition, fixed the problem with using streaming Bluetooth A2DP, He suffered cuts above.

The build number is JDQ39, although for the Nexus 4 JOP40G it is still there a version. I.e. seems to be a difference, although it is not yet known what is. We hope that soon this new version of Android, with fewer bugs, reaches many more terminals possible.