ADSL from Vodafone Customers Can Access to Canal + Liga for 10 Euros a Month

Although football televised operators offer is pretty defined already, us still remained a few details to know. The most eager are Movistar customers, who apart from being the best price still have access to the Champions League and Europa League, and customers of Vodafone ADSL, You can not access the announced offer.

But for these recent news we have. Customers ADSL operator with Vodafone Box will have a differential offer, and truth, worse than those who enjoy Vodafone TV, the previous smart TV TiVo of ONO. For them it will only be available Yomvi League +, that only offers Canal + Liga, at the price of 10 euros per month.

Two different TV platforms

Vodafone can offer to all its customers fixed Internet television service, although the platform It is not the same for customers of ADSL to the fiber. The latter have inherited the TiVo platform, from Ono, this being a very powerful platform, with a range of channels, broadcasts in HD and a decoder with multiple options.

And ADSL customers have with Vodafone Box, a top box offering television over IP, also with multiple options, but not to have the power of TiVo or as it is called now, Vodafone TV. And that also affects the content accessible, since with ADSL television service depends on Yomvi, previously owned by Canal + and now Movistar.

And this difference between platforms are those that motivate that you offer access to football is not the same for fiber and ADSL customers. While the first eligible for six euros per month to League, Cup and European competitions, Vodafone Box only dependents access to Canal + Liga (eight League matches by day and Cup) for 10 euros per month.

Offer only surpassed by Orange

Although the offer for the ADSL it is worse for the fiberglass, it is certain that do not move too far other operators offer. Orange offer is somewhat better, because for 9.95 USD per month offers all the League and Copa del Rey, but Telecable offers the same price and Movistar does cut your pack football, being the price of 25 Euro per month.