Acer Aspire 6530G-604G32MN

6530 G is a dual-core processor from AMD In the Acer Aspire (type: Athlon X 2 QL-60). Thus, the notebook reached a brisk pace of work. As a graphics processor, an ATI HD3470 hybrid comes X 2 used. Hybrid X 2 means that he will achieve a higher tempo together with the graphics processor integrated in the chipset. In the test calculated the team average 27 FPS games with more complex graphics ruckelten only slightly. However, the GPU claimed approximately 1.5 gigabyte 4 gigabyte large memory. Impatient natures should set on the long startup time of nearly two and a half minutes.

Data storage
Round 300 gigabytes space provides the drive for a notebook that is huge. There is also a free slot to install of another hard disk. The DVD combo drive reads and writes CDs and DVDs in decent quality. Blu-ray drive but can neither describe nor read.

Image quality
The 16-inch (40.6 cm diagonal, 1366 x 768 pixels) monitor in the widescreen 16:9 displays DVD movies without annoying black bars. He provided high-contrast images and the composition was afloat. The glossy monitor reflects strong.

Facilities and operation

The Acer Aspire has a comfortable keyboard and a numeric keypad. Also the touchpad can be well controlled. Acer has equipped the aspire 6530 G with a fingerprint sensor, which protects your computer from unauthorized access. Camera, microphone, and memory card reader are available as well as Wi-Fi. The latter works but not according to the latest standard.

In battery mode, the Acer notebook made flabby unfortunately very quickly: after 70 to 80 minutes was the battery empty.

Acer gives two years guarantee on the notebook. Picked up the device in the case of a defect and repairs brought back.


The quiet aspire 6530 G served apart from no particular weaknesses is by the short battery life and presents itself as a good ALLROUNDER.

Test conclusion: what you should know

6530 G is a dual-core processor from AMD In the Acer aspire. Thus, the notebook reached a high pace of work. As ATI HD3470 graphics processor hybrid X 2 calculated on average 27 FPS games with complex graphics ruckelten occasionally. However, the GPU claimed approximately 1.5 gigabyte 4 gigabyte large memory. The 16-inch monitor in the widescreen provided high-contrast images, the composition was without streaks. The disk offers around 300 gigabytes. In battery mode, the Acer notebook quickly made flabby unfortunately after 70 minutes. This product at Amazon order Pro very quiet large hard drive space for second hard drive very many connections contra short battery life test note of the editorial 2.39 good users rating now evaluate alternative.
who value sets a higher work rate and is ready for this gaming capabilities to forego the AMILO should be once see PI 3525 by Fujitsu Siemens.

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