42 Free Online Courses from Australian Universities

42 Free Online Courses from Australian Universities

Have you ever thought about studying at some of the best Australian universities without leaving your home? This is the proposal of the FutureLearn educational platform , which is offering, in partnership with the Australian government and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), 42 free online courses in various areas, such as Psychology, Education, Business, Technology and Health. Among the universities participating in the project are Monash University, University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology, University of Newcastle and University of Wollongong, all in the TOP 250 best universities in the world, according to the QS ranking World University 2020.

The University of Melbourne

The duration of the courses varies between 2 and 8 weeks. Are you interested? Then run because the registrations go until July 31st. It is worth remembering that all these courses are guaranteed digital certification after completing the program. Classes are based on practical exercises, essays, videos and audios conducted by professors who are experts in their respective fields.

42 free online courses from Australian universities

2 week courses

  • Data analysis for decision making: an introduction to using Excel – Bond University
  • Neuroscience Education Guidance – Central Queensland University
  • Teaching students who have suffered complex trauma – Queensland University of Technology
  • Introduction to sustainable development – Deakin University
  • Big Data Analytics: opportunities, challenges and the future – Griffith University
  • Professional resilience: building skills to grow at work – Deakin University
  • The power of podcasting for Storytelling – University of Wollongong
  • What is leadership? – Deakin University
  • Bullying in schools: how should teachers respond? – Queensland University of Technology
  • Supporting adolescent learning: emotional and social well-being – Griffith University
  • Business problems and software solutions – Deakin University
  • Leading strategic innovations: how to lead with purpose? – Deakin University and Coventry University
  • Competitive advantage: using information to build successful businesses – Deakin University
  • Introduction to Psychology: the psychology of learning – Monash University
  • Transforming digital learning: Design Meets Service Design – Deakin University
  • Creating classroom applications – Queensland University of Technology
  • Investigating innovation – Deakin University and Coventry University
  • Inclusive education: essential knowledge for success – Queensland University of Technology
  • Introduction to Psychology: History and Science of Psychology – Monash University
  • Teaching Phonetics in Early Childhood Education – Queensland University of Technology
  • Social change: how can Marketing help? – Griffith University
  • Introduction to Psychology: the psychology of personality – Monash University
  • The future of the healthcare workforce – Griffith University
  • Introduction to Psychology: Biological Psychology – Monash University
  • Introduction to Psychology: Developmental Psychology – Monash University
  • Introduction to Psychology: Sensation and Perception – Monash University
  • Neuroplasticists and Neuromyths – Central Queensland University
  • Learning and memory: Understanding of Educational Neuroscience – Central Queensland University
  • Neuroleadership and conceptual approaches in Educational Neuroscience – Central Queensland University
  • Pests, pests and pandemics: are you ready? Griffith University

3 week courses

  • Introduction to production design for film and television – Australian Film Television and Radio School
  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome – University of Southern Queensland
  • One Health: Global Biosafety – Murdoch University
  • Fires: response, relief and resilience – University of Newcastle Australia and UNITAR
  • Healthy futures: how can we create a more effective health system? – Murdoch University

4 week courses

  • Ethics for Social Media – University of Sydney
  • Evolving from friend to leader – University of Southern Queensland
  • Getting ready for academic PTE – YouSTUDY International College
  • Leading culturally diverse teams in work environments – Deakin University and Deakin Business School
  • Security, terrorism and counterterrorism – Murdoch University

6 week courses

  • Medical Sciences – Monash University

8 week courses

  • Strengthened health systems – University of Melbourne, Nossal Institute for Global Health and UNICEF

Griffith University

Are you interested in any of the free online courses above? So click here to find out more information about each one and don’t waste time to sign up. It is important to remember that each course has specific prerequisites and they are all taught in English, so it is essential to have good knowledge of the language.

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