Your Mobile Is Next Target for Spammers

Spam, or unsolicited advertising sent, has for many years been reserved for email, now spammers gun against your mobile.

A new report from Cloudmark concludes that smartphones can be seen the next big target for spammers who send out unsolicited advertisements.

It happens, according to Computer world, because most users after the hand has ensured his mail box against spam, with various filters and virus programs.

Therefore looking spammers constantly for new hunting grounds, and here it seems that cell phones, and specially smartphones will be the next target.

Spam messages on sms will be popular because most have greater confidence in the content on the cell phone, rather than by mail. The vast majority of users are also inclined to, to open an sms from unknown sender, rather than a mail from unknown sender.

SMS also has another advantage for spammers. Typically sms messages read almost instantly, while mail typically can lie a day time in the mail box.

By Cloudmarks in addition, it is clear from the report that about 60 percent of Americans have received sms spam over the last year.