You Can Access Our Publications with a Single Account

Now accounts are global, so already you can identify yourself in all our publications with a same user account. If you sign up now, or are already a user of Engadget Mobile also you can access those data to Engadget, Engadget and Engadget photo, for example. Test and you’ll see how easy!!

Now, if you are a user of several of our publications and already have several different accounts, then you explain how you have to do to get one unique global account and gain access to all of them.

How to connect accounts

In order to enjoy this unique global account, the first thing you must do is decide which account and data (OpenID or traditional email address and password) you want to use as your master account, to associate to the same secondary accounts that you have scattered elsewhere in publications, as described below:

  • Access the registration/login page from the top right of the publication by clicking on “Enter”.
  • Log in to Engadget Mobile with the data of the account you want to use as the main and only for the remainder of publications of Weblogs SL, is traditional with e-mail and password or OpenID, and press “Enter” button.
  • Now access your user page from the top right of the publication and click on the button “Associated account” below the description.
  • Enter the URL / user’s OpenID or e-mail from the account trandicional that you want to associate with the account selected as main, and only, click on the button “Associated account” and log in with that secondary account so we confirm that it is yours and you can complete the grouping.
  • Before confirming the Association, we will explain the consequences of the grouping of accounts, giving you the possibility to choose the user name, full name, avatar and description that you want to stay where they are different, and pre-selecting default of the master account. The comments on posts, votes to posts and comments, lists of experts and supporters of the Bill secondary will also be grouped to the main account, which will take the highest karma between the 2 accounts (even if the karma of the secondary account is higher than the main account).
  • Finally, you will have to confirm the Association and Association of the secondary account to that main account that you will use as a unique global account for all publications of Weblogs SL.

It is important to note that, although the access account will be unique and global for all our publications, user pages will continue to be individual (of Engadget Mobile will see it in Engadget Mobile and of Engadget will see it in Quiviger) so it is good complete grouping and accounts Association also in other publications in which our historic already have account to keep activity.

We encourage you to try how the unique global account in publications such as photo Engadget, Engadget or Applesfera.