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Wortmann Terra Mobile 1545

When you work with Office programs the Wortmann notebook was somewhat slower than other laptops with similar facilities. Also playing the instrument not just quickly responded: the graphics processor NVIDIA GeForce 105 M calculated in the graphics test average only 21 frames per second ruckelten therefore noticeably graphically complex games.

The Terra Mobile has a nearly 300 gigabyte large hard drive. However, is not a Blu-ray burner still digital video output available and only a few sound formats are usable. Wortmann has refused reception possibilities for television and radio. The software package is pretty thin: Windows Vista and a burning program that was s. After all, the manufacturer offers a free upgrade to Windows 7. The Terra mobile worked pleasantly quiet in operation, even under full load (0.9 sone).

The laptop made a robust impression: the liquid and hinge-duration test was over the Terra mobile 1545 without bruises. The notebook however fell through when assessing radiation: it may interfere with other devices and is therefore CE certified wrongly. There is also a devaluation.

Conclusion: Wortmann Terra mobile 1545

The Wortmann Terra Mobile has a 15.6-inch display with anti-reflective coating. Apart, the notebook has several weaknesses: it ran too slowly for Office programs and games, a digital screen connection was missing and also when assessing radiation, the Terra mobile fell 1545 by.

Pro anti-glare screen contra playing somewhat slow no Office program delivered with no digital monitor output CE marking carries 3.65 sufficient alternative wrongly test note of Editor: ASUS N61VN-JX014V

Unlike the Wortmann-notebook, the ASUS notebook offers an impressively high pace of both work and play. The battery life was slightly short, for it is equipped with Internet camera and HDMI output.

Test: Asus N61VN-JX014V
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