With These Devices You Make Calls Legally and Safely in the Car

As the legal situation is?
Subject to clause 23 you may use no phone section 1a of the highway code as a driver, if you need to take the handset to; also a phone considered to be listeners. It doesn’t matter, so make a call, dial a number or keep it even turned off the ear. Telephoning is allowed only if the phone is in a holder, the driver may not take it in the hand. Exception: The vehicle is and the engine is turned off.

The hands-free kit is best?
depending on user behavior, there are advantages and disadvantages:

Rarely users: who does not often on the phone in the car, can use a headset microphone and headphones. They work with cable (usually with the cell phone) and a Bluetooth wireless connection. Read more on cable and Bluetooth headset. Gelegenheitstelefonierer: For they are hands-free devices for self installation. Appropriate models are available for the sun visor or plugging in the twelve Volt on-board socket. Under construction for self installation for Bluetooth mobile phones, read what the devices offer.
frequent callers: more sound quality and comfort offer equipment for permanent installation. You can order when purchasing a car as an extra or subsequently fitted by a specialist workshop. The Chief Advisor to hands-free devices by the car manufacturer and car radio shows whether the investment is worthwhile.

The best hands-free

12 pictures to the image gallery like I connect phone and handsfree?
usually via Bluetooth. Mobile and system will be linked once. How to’s, COMPUTER shows image in the article so you pair your mobile phone to the hands-free system.

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