What is Hybrid Tablet PC?

This guide is intended to introduce you to the different elements to look at before buying a hybrid tablet. Normally, and adding your price test, you should be armed to you by in the jungle of the hybrids available.


In addition, we released our selection of the best hybrids Windows that we update regularly. With hybrids classified by price and size, this selection will allow you to be guided in your choice!


What is a hybrid? As the name suggests, is a mixture of two products: the Tablet and mobile PC. A hybrid integrates usually a touch screen and a removable keyboard. Rates are higher than the simple shelves but we are faced with more powerful devices.

The operating system mainly used on this type of hardware is Windows 10 allowing mixed use: Web, productivity, fun with an interface designed for touch. Google’s Android OS is also used, but more rarely as less suited to productivity. Apple offers one model, the iPad Pro.Like Android, iOS is not necessarily the best for tasks usually assigned to the PC.

The hybrid the most known and marketed at present is the Surface Pro 4 of Microsoft, a touch machine with the power of a laptop. Yet there are others, we put a few examples over our buying guide.

Example: Microsoft Surface Pro 4


Screen size

There where tablets are mobility, hybrids are more productivity. In general, the sizes of screens is between 10.1″ and 13″, at halfway between tablets and laptops, which screens are often more than 15″. The size you choose will depend on your needs, a screen of 10″ to transport your machine while a slab of 13″ will facilitate the tasks of productivity at the expense of weight and mobility.

Touch technology

Today, all touchscreens are “capacitive” type A few years ago, there were still “resistive” slabs, less expensive but also less effective. In 2016, there is normally more slab of this type, the capacitive became the most used technology and even entry level hybrid use.

Definition of screen

The number of manufacturers selling point is the definition of screen. This is due to the fact that the definition is higher, less you see pixels with the naked eye, which provides more comfort when playing. Entry level models generally offer HD screens, IE 1280 x 720 px. Even this definition tends to disappear in favor of Full HD: 1920 x 1080 px. On a display over 10″, these definitions already allow some comfort, even for small print (as in an Excel spreadsheet for example). The high-end as Surface Pro 4 models offer much higher definitions: 2736 x 1824 px! In such cases, you will see really no pixels. It is not necessary to invest in hybrids to high definition, the price will be higher and you will see almost no difference in the face of a less expensive model.

We recommend you to direct you to the Full HD screens, enough nice and not too expensive for regular use. Be careful some models have almost the same name and only the definition of screen changes (as with the Lenovo Yoga 500 range).

Example: HP spectrum X 360 (13, 3″ 1920x1080px)


Type of connection

The keyboard is an important hybrids. The most classic to the most original, your use will determine your choice. Most hybrids of trade have a keyboard with magnetic attachment, the power supply is via a connector built into the tablet.

Example: Asus transform Book T100

On rare occasions, some manufacturers prefer the Bluetooth as the connection mode. We recommend to choose this type of keyboard, because it must reload them regularly and they can interfere with the Wifi.

Protect keyboards

Most hybrids have a keyboard of type ‘cover’, name used commonly since the submission of the first Microsoft Surface. These keyboards are protection for the screen, turning it off when they fold on him. Even the Chinese entry level models offer such keyboards. They are often very purpose to facilitate the transport of the hybrid.

360 ° fixed chassis

Seeking to renew the concept, some manufacturers like Lenovo quickly offered new keyboards, able to rotate on them – even to manipulate the hybrid according to various uses. You can thus use it as a standard PC, but also fold the keyboard in the back (he turns automatically off) for use in tablet mode defined by INTERNETDICT. By positioning the keyboard in other angles, you can hold the shelf in position for a presentation in slide show or a movie watching. Manufacturers redoubling their imagination to propose possible most mobile keyboards. Include Lenovo with its Yoga or HP range with its spectrum range. It is also possible with the all-new Microsoft Surface Book.

Often as an option

In most cases, a classic cover should be enough for you. Be aware that some manufacturers sell it apart, so plan a budget, sometimes quite big.

For example, Microsoft sells its keyboard Type Cover at € 160 for Surface Pro 4 (which itself costs € 999). These are entry level builders who more often offer their products in one pack, Tablet and keyboard included. Also note that in general, a keyboard is suitable to its hybrid, impossible so to invert material.


To close functions to portable computers, hybrid Board generally richer than conventional tablets connectivity. As a general rule, we find the following ports:

  • Micro-USB to charge and transfer files
  • Micro-SD to expand the capacity of internal storage
  • Micro-HDMI or DisplayPort to stream the display to an external monitor
  • Taken its 3.5 mm for connecting a headset

Builders then add other ports in order to stand out from the competition. For example, Microsoft uses a port owner named Microsoft Connect on its Surface in order to connect a keyboard or a dock. Sometimes it is the detachable keyboards that incorporate additional USB ports, even if this trend boils down to minimize the thickness and weight of the material.

When making your choice, feel free to consider the proposed connection: you need to connect an external hard drive? In which case, plan a machine with one or more USB ports and maybe a micro-USB-> USB adapter. Think also about the speed: USB 2.0 or 3.0? Is the use of an external monitor essential for you? Should you store large files? If so, a Microsd port will be essential, especially on hybrids with Windows 10, which is already much room alone.

It also remains the wireless connection. Today, 99% of the hybrids are equipped with the Blutooth 4.0, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n. The 802.11 Wifi ac still little represented and available only on the more expensive hybrids. Some models also allow the use of Miracast or WiDi devices to display the screen on an external monitor through HDMI or DisplayPort cable. Here again, it all depends on the goodwill of the builders and invest in the most advanced technologies you will not need unless you absolutely need.

For well find you, we recommend the following connectors, which are the vital minimum for a hybrid:

  • port USB or micro-USB 2.0
  • micro-SD port
  • HDMI port or micro-HDMI
  • connection Bluetooth 4.0 or more
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/n