Vodafone Reaches One Million Customers of TV Thanks to The Remarkable Improvement of Its Service and Content

Pay television has been the main protagonist in the offerings of the operators during 2015 (or at least in the second half) and aims to remain so in 2016. Football has been one of the key contents and more has given us that speak, but the arrival of Netflix to Spain has also given prominence to the series and the film.

And profited from this situation has left Vodafone. The British operator, which integrated television of ONO in his bid from the month of April, has seen as its client base with contracted television He has uploaded on 216,000 subscribers in the last year, clearly driven by soccer-related supply and the integration of Netflix.

Vodafone is in luck with its TV service, which for the first time surpassed one million users. The reasons for having reached this milestone seem very clear. First came the improvement of the television service of the operator, with the integration of ONO. Current Vodafone television offers advanced services such as control of the direct, search engine, or recording of up to three channels, not available in the service before the arrival of the Millicom.

Vodafone pay TV service has gained integers after the purchase of ONO

But in addition to a more advanced and intelligent service, have also become new content. Vodafone offers virtually all the football (currently the Liga Adelante is unique to Movistar) including the Champions League and Europa League, which will have attracted more than one football fan to the offer of the operator, hiring also other services, such as mobile or fixed connection.

In September also became the last service seven days, allowing access to the contents of numerous channels issued last week without having them recorded. Finally, in October was Netflix, being the only operator Vodafone so far that has integrated, in its offer both your cable box, offering six months free at certain rates.

Subjects for 2016: same TV for all

With the approved note 2015, Vodafone has an important subject for 2016: offer the same television service to all its customers. About fiber and cable connections the operator offers its famous TV Vodafone, but ADSL clients cannot access the same service, only having a reduced package of channels through Yomvi, which currently already not you can hire.

That slowdown appears to be motivated in that the operator would be preparing the adaptation of his television for those who only have ADSL coverage. The end of the contract with Yomvi at the end of this month forcing Vodafone to seek a solution to those customers, that even beneficiaries could see for access to more content that that could be accessed through Yomvi. We expect news soon.