Vodafone Launches Video Bills to Explain in Detail Concepts or Billing Periods

There are invoices that need a seat and a good coffee to understand them. Energy bills are the Palm between more complicated to understand bills, but neither remain far the Bills of operators, both by the number of concepts that may include as for the mistakes that all have suffered ever.

And to clarify their Vodafone bills already launched more than two years ago an interactive demo to try to clear up your bills, but now customers will have access to a curious novelty: the video bills custom. In less than two minutes of personalized video, Vodafone will explain to each customer concepts such as the billing period, the date of payment of the invoice or billed services.

Operators are promoting self-management of the lines of customers, with amenities such as a mobile application which provides access to all the details of the line. In spite of this, 10% of calls receiving in the service Vodafone customer are related to issues of turnover, percentage who will try to lower with its new bet.

Explain concepts and billing periods

Both new customers and already customers of Vodafone who hire a convergent pack you will receive an SMS or email with a link to the custom video. That video customer you can discover the invoice total, concepts that are invoiced, the billing period, and the date of passage through the Bank. The single video will be accessible via streaming and won’t consume data rate. For more details, the customer will have to access My Vodafone, either via the web or mobile apps for iOS or Android.

As we have already explained, the service will start initially only for customers of converged packet Vodafone One, although later It will be extended to customers of mobile contract. Therefore welcome any initiative that will help us to better understand the Bills of operators and to have greater access to the control of our lines and rates.