Vodafone Launches New Bonds of Extra Data with More Data, But Also More Expensive

Data on mobile tariffs to speak and surf continue gaining more weight when choosing a rate by which also tends to be one of the focuses that operators usually update regularly, regards the case of today’s sales in extra Vodafone data bonds.

Although the traditional operators have agreed to apply the payment default in case of exhausting the megs of our data rate rather than reduce speed as they were accustomed to, for those who opt to apply for the reduction of speed, Vodafone also continues to offer different extra bonuses that allow to sail at full speed and save some euros compared to 200 Meg blocks for 2 euros which are applied with the service + megs.

In total, Vodafone offers four new bonds of data extra different to choose between 200 MB for 2 euros, 800 MB for 7 euros, 1.6 GB for 14 euros or 2.5 GB for 21 euros. Changes from previous versions that do not have why to assume a higher prices if not bonds that have adapted to the new needs. If until now you contratabas 1 GB for 11 euros, from now on you will have to choose between 800 MB for 7 euros or 1.6 GB for 14 euros.

After the changes, Vodafone increases the maximum available to hire up to 2.5 GB but they are still far from the 3 and 5 GB available in Movistar by 20 and 30 euros respectively and as to price, also away from the 6 euros for each gig of Yoigo.

It is possible to hire so many bonds extra as needed and are available for your recruitment in a timely manner and to activate automatically all months to complement the standard rates for users who comply with a rate of just a few minutes but they need more data than those included by default in the cheaper rates. Recurrent bonds may be deactivated at any time and without any kind of permanence that the standard rate can be linked.