Vodafone Breaks Definitely Soccer Market: League and Champions for 6 Euros Per Month

Few days ago Orange gave all a beat on the table with the football price: 9.95 euros per month to see all the League and the Copa del Rey. And it seems that from Movistar stayed without room for maneuver, because its football, despite being somewhat more complete, package comes up to 25 EUR.

Vodafone, announcing first that they would League and Cup and subsequently being the first to announce that they would have the Champions League and the Europa League were Crouching. And known bids from rivals red operator launches the final offer for fans: League, Cup and European competitions for six euros per month.

The offer of Orange already seemed unbeatable, but Vodafone breaks definitely football in pay-TV market as we knew it until now. From August 17 to September 30 the customers of converging rates the operator to hire his pack of soccer channels for six euros per month until the end of the season. If you leave it to October the price will rise already to the 16 euros per month.

Movistar “dwarves” grows

Movistar promised them be happy with your purchase of Canal + and the rights of the League. With the most comprehensive channel offer of operators, the ex-monopolio reinforced its commitment by pay-TV, weakness of its rivals. But the obligation to open its premium channels to Vodafone or Orange is doing much damage.

Both operators have pulled the price of soccer, probably even losing money unless you achieve a large number of converging customers with offerings, severing one of the bets of Movistar. It remains to be seen now if there is a reaction by the damaged operator, Since its offer only includes older to the Liga Adelante and parties of selections, something that does not compensate their difference in fee.