Tired of Spyware Apps? Then Check Your App!

Many apps that is so quite blithely going from the network on the Smartphone, sniff around in the data, what keeps this stuff. While this snooping around for the use of apps is not at all necessary. Who wants to know how curious are the apps on their Smartphone, can check it online now.

No less than about 40 percent of all apps on Smartphones and tablets read out the data, although there it is no reason at all. It is not necessary for the functionality of the apps. Come to this result is TÜV Rheinland test with around 500 apps now. But don’t worry, help is there also by the test engineers: app users will know how the app is curious, it is because load on your Smartphone, the Rhenish Association of test has set up now a database, in which all previously checked by them and are listed as positively assessed (as not sniffing) apps. All apps can be found in this database, are so sure.

The apps can be found in the database of the TÜV Rheinland, use only the data that are required for the application with the consent of the user. Who installs only the apps and uses, which were checked, prevents, that his personal data unnoticed collected by him in the background, evaluated and perhaps also to third parties by the TÜV Rheinland.