The Smart Phone Can Do That You Lose You More

A new study shows that applications for the smart phone can be instrumental in that you lose you more than if you do not get help with weight loss from the cell phone.

You go and dream about, to get started in weight loss, but doubt if all the applications are available in the various application stores can help you – please consider just the help of applications an additional time.

A new scientific experiments show that people who use the slim application SparkPeople loses one more – than those who try to take it without the use of the application. The results of the study are published in the journal the Journal of Medical Internet Research. It writes our site.

You can in the application, SparkPeople, enter your calorie consumption and intake of water, as well as training sessions and subsequently keep an eye on it.

In the study, doctors from the University of Texas have followed 1,258 persons who tried to lose weight. And the doctors could conclude that those who used the application, and entered their weight at least four times a month, lost an average of five kilos more each month than those who did not use mobile application. It writes

A study from the 2011 shows that SparkPeople is one of the best applications if you need support during the cure will. Also Lose it!, Calorie Counter and My Fitness Pal mentioned as effective.