The Future Is Free Speech and Large Amounts of Data

In the future, customers should get used to free voice, SMS, MMS and large amounts of data in more transparent packages.

Within the last week have telecommunications companies our site posted subscriptions on the street where the focus to a greater extent than previously targeted on all-in-one packages.

Our site has introduced free voice and SMS/MMS in all packages. Customers should therefore only relate to how much data traffic that must be included. Our site followed shortly after with free conversation and SMS as well as larger volumes of data, included in the subscriptions that relate to high-consuming customers.

Our site has taken the first step to a new price war, but our site has, according to them, though, had their own agenda, and thus not copied 3.

-“Well enough, we are fast, but so fast we can’t be. This is something we have worked on over a longer period of time, and our launch has been scheduled for 1. March. To 3 then come on some days before we live with enough, “says ceo of our site, Søren Abildgaard.

More transparency

Søren Abildgaard points to the fact that customers ‘ increased use of URf.eks. data-intensive services like Netflix, HBO and Spotify, increases the need for more focus on the amount of data, rather than conversations.

-“I think it goes along the lines of free speech across the Board. It is also a development we look abroad with, among other things, Vodafone and Swisscom. But three factors must be met before it makes sense. It requires a good networking, good smartphones and good content. When this triangel are met, the new packages are a good solution for customers, “said our site Director.

He is backed by telecom analyst John Strand of Strand Consult, living by advising telecommunications companies around the world.

-“Once upon a time lived the phone company to sell minutes. Now they live in the higher degree of data. It is a continuous price pressure, and when 3 now opens the ballet, it is a matter of time before the other follows with down, “says John Strand for Berlingske.