The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

These last days, Apple has been taking much of the limelight by launching a review of your mobile phone, although paragraph hardware comes with few new features while the software is much more attractive. But it was not the only thing that has captured our attention, as we see in the collection of the best of the week.

  • The presentation of the “iPhone 3G S”: Our site arrived accompanied by the “what’s new in iPhone OS 3.0”: Our site. We have opposed the opinions of Jon, who is “in favor”:Our site, with the Oscars, which is “against”: Our site.
  • We also wonder if this launch “split the App Store”: Our site
  • If you release mobile with Android, we offer you a list of “essential applications”: Our site for this operating system.
  • Interesting and funny game “Defend London”: Our site that takes advantage of several features of latest Nokia mobiles. Speaking of the Finnish manufacturer, essential comments about Flash on mobile than aroused “the setting on sale of the Nokia N86”: Our site

We do not forget the list of the most voted entries this week by our readers.

  • Essential Android apps for newcomers (users who voted for him: danakvs, drguets, erben, ninor, terror_onion-zombie, GoDBaD:, nekrodomus, Peibols,)
  • Nokia N86 with 8Mp soon retail camera (users who voted for him: allfreedo, zD:, Metraller, Tatoon, unoales)
  • iPhone 3G S: against (users who voted for him: Luis Jose, ninor, terror_onion-zombie, Vicky Ortuño:, Susana)
  • More than 50,000 Palm Pre sold the first weekend (users who voted for him: erben, ninor, masill, alberto:barbero tomas)
  • Android Scripting Environment, program scripts (users who voted for him: ninor,)