The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

Open week / month, with anticipation of many firsts, the latter since the launch of the Palm Pre in the coming days it joins more than expected announcement of a new iPhone. While we wait for these developments, go with the classic best of the week.

  • The Palm Pre has given enough to speak, since “rumors about the charger”: Our site and your “sync with iTunes”: Our site up to many more “data confirmed”: this terminal Our site.
  • Sony Ericsson has opened the range Unlimited Entertainment with three models: “Yari”:Our site, “Satio”:Our site, and “aino”:Our site.
  • Movistar has announced that “it will be the Nokia N97”: Our site, although Vodafone will also be with him. Speaking of Nokia, “we were proving”: Our site the “Ovi Store”: Our site.
  • We ended up with software, the “importance of the interface and the user experience”: Our site, the first look at “Android 2.0”: Our site and a pair of applications for the future: “Spotify”:Our site and “Google Wave”: Our site

We do not forget the list of entries most voted by our users.

  • Google Wave for iPhone and Android (users who voted for him: drguets, ninor, Rafa, erdeaki, nekrodomus)
  • Interface and the mobile user experience (users who voted for him: allfreedo, ninor, ROC)
  • Ovi Store: to Fund (I) (users who voted for him: dntcnlgy, drguets, ninor)
  • Ovi Store: Fund (II) (users who voted for him: dntcnlgy, drguets, ninor)
  • TomTom Navigator 7 is already available (users who voted for him: José Manuel Benítez, ninor, ROC)