The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

Another week over summer, or a least in the hot summer period, as we consider it, a point of the year in which the mobile landscape is quite quiet, but not that is the reason why we left to find any that other news of interest, among which we can highlight the following:

  • They saw coming, big as Sony Ericsson or Nokia are not at their best time, but it is striking very much the case of the Finnish company, with a fall of sales of 66% during the second quarter of this year.
  • It is clear that by revolutionary and promising utility, the concept of augmented reality We will follow over the next few years, gradually arrive case studies and projects that will soon be a reality, a clear example is found with Augmented ID.
  • We are in a period in which the connections to internet mobility they tend to be quite interested, and if it is possible that they do not involve any kind of permanence, better, our colleague plokiko makes us a complete and interesting comparison of the rates in the market.
  • The Nokia N97 It is a terminal that since before his birth has been in the eye of the hurricane, either by their technical specifications, price, or even the lack of services that is le presumian, as in the case of N-Gage. With some other problem finally N-Gage is available for the Nokia N97.
  • If a few days ago was Orange which ahead with a series of terminals, we now know which are chosen by Movistar and Vodafone operators for its summer campaign.
  • Vodafone Finally launches its summer promotion but the really interesting thing is their new Tiny rates no permanence: 9 cents per minute to all who speak less and 90 x 1 multicolor 24 hours no fees for those who speak more.
  • Finally, from the point of view of mobile applications, we have what’s new in Windows Market Place, the future and necessary application store LG, and the availability of Mojo, the SDK of the Palm Pre.

And among the list of entries more voted by our readers have:

  • Augmented ID, more augmented reality on Android (users who voted for him: OsCaR,)
  • Essential Android apps for newcomers (users who voted for him: danakvs, drguets, erben, ninor, Shoah, terror_onion-zombie, GoDBaD:, erdeaki, nekrodomus, Peibols,)
  • Movistar confirmed that it will offer the Palm Pre (users who voted for him: Manlord:, jefetruper:,)
  • Vodafone cut the rate of internet on your mobile for companies (users who voted for him: jefetruper:)
  • Orange will also offer their music without DRM (users who voted for him: jefetruper:)
  • Nokia N86 8MP, analysis (first part) (users who voted for him: zD:, erdeaki, nekrodomus,)
  • Sony Ericsson Rachael, your first Android mobile (users who voted for him: terror_onion-zombie, jefetruper:)