The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

August, month of vacation for many, but not for Engadget Mobile, where we continue reporting the news on mobile. That Yes, at a pace much more calm than the rest of the year, because everything is quite more standing. Which is not problem for you to offer again the best of the week.

  • Samsung Galaxy is one of the mobile what more is being talked about. We have seen that it will be “available in white”: Our siteĀ and who the manufacturer may be preparing “Galaxy Lite”:Our site, a simplified version of this.
  • Also software have talked about this week, in which we have been able to determine “HTC Sync”: Our site, to synchronize Outlook Android, and “Digia @Web”: Our site, an alternative browser for S60.
  • Speaking of S60, Symbian ^ 4 will “break the compatibility with this”: Our site.
  • Taking advantage of that it’s summer, ended up with the “comparison of voice roaming rates”: Our site.

We also leave the list of entries most voted by users:

  • develops a housing Finder for Android (users who voted for him: OsCaR, Rubenix:, guy)
  • Review Windows Mobile 6.5 on HTC Diamond 2 with Microsoft (users who voted for him: Tatoon:, Rubenix:)
  • With Snapdragon Android phones coming soon (users who voted for him: terror_onion-zombie, Rubenix:)
  • Digia @Web, alternative browser for S60 (users who voted for him: Rubenix:,)
  • Rumors: HTC Android and the new HTC Click hogging (users who voted for him: jefetruper:)