The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

We face since the end of August, with many of us going back to work, that is, clear remedy. But the summer does not give place to truce and news are still happening at a fast pace. We leave another Monday more with the review entries most voted by you the readers and the best of the week.

  • Among the new terminals, the “BlackBerry 8520”: Our siteĀ reaches the hand of Vodafone Spain, while we still don’t know if someone will remain with the “Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition”: Our site, a small modification of the touch model of Nokia.
  • HTC is giving much to talk about, either because its interface HTC Sense, that even someone is dedicated “to clone the iPhone”: Our site or “updates to the Hero”: Our site and other models with Android.
  • Will look like “spread the frequency of 900 MHz”: Our site?? At the moment it is not very clear. Yes it is confirmed is that the European Commission will not do anything to “regulate the rates for Internet Roaming”: Our site, a pity because they are really high.
  • To finish three themes with interesting comments: the need to “identify prepaid cards”:Our site, “the death of the pointer”: Our site and “best screens market compared”: Our site.

Below is the list of most voted entries:

  • The best screens on the market faced in a curious comparison (users who voted for him: Nuru:, terror_onion-zombie, delNorte:, jefetruper:, Rubenix:)
  • Android, Samsung InstinctQ keyboard (users who voted for him: Kui, Pipo, Rubenix:)
  • Sense the magic, a small big mess (users who voted for him: terror_onion-zombie, delNorte:,)
  • Android updates, more wood (users who voted for him: delNorte:, stapler:)
  • HTC Hero pink and video of the new update operation (users who voted for him: jefetruper:, Kach:Mendez)