The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

We do not exaggerate a hair if we say that this has been the week of Android. Until now, had never fielded so many terminals equipped with this operating system in so few days. And we’ll see how until the end of the year we still find several more. We see them in our review of the best of the week.

  • The “HTC Tattoo”: Our siteĀ began the week with a simple terminal and a reduced price. Continued it the “Samsung Galaxy Lite”: Our site, although this still has not been submitted officially, but in leaks.
  • But swipe on the table Motorola gave him with the “Motorola DEXT”: Our site and the MotoBLUR interface. We must not forget the “LG GW620”: Our site, the first Korean manufacturer Android.
  • We have also known that “INQ will use this operating system”: Our site and have tried the “update the HTC Dream”: Our site.
  • But Palm also has new features, the “Palm Pixi”: Our site, which will come with webOS. After the Nokia World, the Finnish manufacturer has released little these days, just to say “it will not allow the personalization of Maemo”: Our site and deny it later, as it could not be otherwise.
  • We just analyzing the “BIS rates”: Our site and “use and customs of Internet mobility’:Our site.

The list of entries most voted by the readers there as well:

  • Nokia will not allow customizations of the operators on their Maemo phones (users who voted for him: Nacho:, zD:, Fle:, samueltz, terror_onion-zombie, Rubenix:, Kach:Mendez, Dr. No, jose suarez, omaaarhm luis:rodriguez:, d3po:)
  • Rumor: HTC Touch HD2 will be an Android device (users who voted for him: petoniano, alonso, terror_onion-zombie, Rubenix:,,)
  • Samsung launches in Spain Galaxy, its first Android mobile phone (users who voted for him: Pipo, terror_onion-zombie, Rubenix:, Kach:Mendez, omaaarhm:, d3po:)
  • Spotify is now available for iPhone and Android terminals (users who voted for him: WhisKiTo:, shoegazer, omaaarhm:, d3po:)
  • The reason for the Nokia N97 Mini (users who voted for him: samueltz, nekrodomus, Rubenix:, jose luis:rodriguez suarez)