The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

Although this last week has been celebrating the IFA, we did not expect too many developments in mobile telephony in this fair. So it has been, since the mobile section has been relegated to a small corner where they were Nokia, HTC, Samsung or LG. But that doesn’t mean that there have been a number of developments rather than important, some of which we highlight the best of the week.

  • Nokia has been which has made more presentations, with the “6 X”: Our site, which finally “confirmed that it was capacitive screen”: Our site, “X 3”: Our site and the “Nokia N97 Mini”: Our site. With all this it is not surprising that not them “needed to go to the Mobile World Congress”:Our site.
  • Sony Ericsson has also had his own these days, because the presentation of the “Xperia X 2”: Our site add a concept that want to have ready for this year, the “Xperia Pureness”:Our site, whose screen is transparent.
  • Samsung Galaxy “comes to Spain”: free Our site for 499 euros. We already have “begun to try”: Our site this mobile with Android. Clear that if yours is Windows Mobile, there is no “long wait for version 6.5”: Our site.
  • We are sure that you’ve already given you account, but in “Engadget Mobile we have released design”: Our site.

We also let the list of entries most voted by the readers:

  • Engadget Mobile Launches design (users who voted for him: Fle:, kote, Antonio:Ortiz:, plokiko, Hector:, Adam Henry, terror_onion-zombie, erdeaki, Susana:, Kach:Mendez, probertoj, pablo:martinez, omaaarhm:)
  • Samsung i7500 Galaxy, analysis (first part) (users who voted for him: Pipo, kharhan, terror_onion-zombie, NeonLight, erdeaki, nekrodomus, omaaarhm:,)
  • Nokia N97 Mini presented at the Nokia World 09 (users who voted for him: Oscar B::, erdeaki, Rubenix:, Kach:Mendez,, Most:Wanted)
  • Nokia X 6 inaugurates the Xseries range (users who voted for him: Pipo, terror_onion-zombie, erdeaki, Rubenix:, Kach:Mendez, ::))
  • Sony Ericsson finally presents the Xperia X 2 (users who voted for him: Fle:, Pipo, terror_onion-zombie, erdeaki,)