The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

With the campaign of summer over, the world of telephony is pretty quiet these days. This is not without prejudice so that we continue having interesting news, as evidenced by our compilation of the best of the week.

  • While Movistar has announced “which left the Pre”: Our site, Vodafone offers this summer the “Diamond2 and the OmniaPRO”: Our site. Orange will also have the “Diamond2”:Our site, as well as the Samsung Beat DJ and the Star.
  • New releases this week, the “Nokia 3720 classic”: Our site stands out as the most resistant. Also Nokia ns comes the news that “have finished with S60”: Our site.
  • Sony Ericsson, for its part, is preparing the “Rachael”:Our site, its first handset with Android.
  • We were seeing the “new services of Internet in the mobile”: Our site, which will arrive in many phones of this operator and you southbound in the coming days.
  • We ask ourselves by the mysterious BlackBerry “updates”: Our site.

In the list of entries more voted by our readers:

  • Nokia N86 8MP, analysis (first part) (users who voted for him: zD:, erdeaki, nekrodomus,)
  • Movistar confirmed that it will offer the Palm Pre (users who voted for him: Manlord:, jefetruper:,)
  • fonYou, a different operator (users who voted for him: estoymazizote, jefetruper:)
  • Sony Ericsson Rachael, your first Android mobile (users who voted for him: terror_onion-zombie, jefetruper:)
  • LiveAndroid, try Android on your computer (users who voted for him: zD:)