Test: Xtouch Xwatch03

The plastic futurism encounter unexpected good sound in Xtouchs smart clock.

We push a little on the expression when we say smart watch in case of Xtouch Xwatch03. Paired with a phone can handle it by answering the calls and play music but not much more. On the other hand, it is quite a lot in terms of price.

In practical terms, it is actually a Bluetooth speakers mounted on the arm. For music playback, we give not much of it, then the sound is demonstrably is limited in such a small device. On the other hand, it works far better as a hands-free device in which the speech audio is actually surprisingly good.

The pictures of the clock makes it not really justice … to the negative side. Instead of a retro-futuristic space-age clock is in reality more of something that looks like a plastic bracelet from large market jewelry Department rather than something exclusive. Once again plays the price into it all, but they had at least been able to do a better job of hiding the display for the black party on the clock.