Test: Vainsound No2

Small manufacturer Vainsound does not do away with No2, but neither stands out.

It’s pretty bad when the most memorable around a product that should sound good is that the cord was both tygbeklädd and quite stylish. It is in all cases our lasting impression of in ear headphones Vainsound no2.

This is a mid-range headsets that do not stand out either up or down at the talks, in addition to the call button can only be used to answer or hang up and not to the volume control or to change tracks. The same goes for a bit when it comes to sound. It sounds quite okay for the price tag, especially if it is a little more bass you are looking for. Just the base and its ability to actually not grota together is well a bit startling, but it depends most on that we almost become accustomed to many other manufacturers ‘ views on the basis of headphones under the motto “the most is the best”.

So at the end of our trial, we have indeed muttrat little over the lack of remote, but apart from that is the most “cord” which we will consider when the headphones will be speaking.