Test: Steelie

Somewhere Steelie feels like a good idea, but it also has a big drawback.
A universal bracket that allows you to keep in your tablet with a hand or throw up any phone or flat anywhere in a car mount or a desktop mounted pedestal and also works with all types of phones, tiles and existing skins you can think of. It is not only a huge long sentence, but also something that sounds pretty good, right?

Steelie is just such a product. It is based on the fact that you stick a bowl-shaped magnet on your mobile phone or tablet, in which the Assembly which means it can be mounted on anything really. At the other end, you have a magnetplupp vibrating bullet for the car, a pedestal with the same type of bullet or a flat magnet with a reasonably comfortable to hold in the knob.
So far is the idea and execution are actually pretty good. The main drawback is of course that you have a metallplupp affixed to the back of your mobile device regardless of whether you use Steelies mounts or not. It makes it feel in the trouser pocket (rub is the wrong word, but in the way it is), and that the device always looks to float any centimeters above the table top when it is there.

Have you attached a Steelie on shell that you take off often, it might be an idea, but do you make such a solution, there are a lot of other stuff to look at, too.