Test: Sony Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3 is actually the world’s dullest phone, but considering which phone the follow up, it does not need to do so much really.

There were many for the launch of the Xperia Z3. In the usual order had both images specs leaked out prematurely and all spoke of a model that would be extremely similar to its predecessor the Xperia Z2, released for about half a year ago. After the launch, it was clear that Sony had not had anything extra Ace up their sleeve in the form of software for your phone (apart from the Remote Play against Playstation 4, but then the feature will be launched in November and we’ll get back to it), but that in many ways it is the same phone.

At the same time, it is a somewhat petulant approach to it all. We liked the Xperia Z2 sharply. In addition to our warmest recommendations when we tested the phone even has taken the opportunity to reap profits in no less than three comparative tests in which it has been with, best performance, best mobile phone video and best camera cell phone. When we put it against upstart Oneplus One took Xperia Z2, home victory despite enemy costs nearly half the price. In short, there is no more obvious top candidate for this year’s mobile than Xperia Z2. If Sony had not persisted to release Xperia Z3 ofcourse.

In the case of two that just as models, it becomes very very kikande at the details to see what separates them. Fortunately, these pops up pretty fast once we start using the phone.

The phone is as good as a millimeter thinner than last actually feels. But the big change here is the rounded edges that make up the phone a lot more convenient to use compared to Z2 whose edges almost could feel a bit sharp in context. However, there is still a gap for the charging plug. We understand absolutely why it needs to be there in that phone is waterproof (a little more so now than last, even). But at the same time, it is precisely the constant opening and closure of the cover which adds to the wear and tear and with it a worse water resistance. Previously, however, Sony decided to remedy this through a special magnetic contact on one side of the phone, where a special charging cradle or a magnetförsedd laddsladd is switched on. The downside is that neither magnetic Doll or magnetic cord included, something Sony had actually been able to afford, we think. One advantage is that the cover for the charging plug is now alone and not to be shared with the site for either the memory card or the SIM card (it has varied a bit between different Sony wonder). With a smaller gap for the only charge I feel at least somewhat safer than before.

We look at the camera, it’s all about pretty much the same story as last, that is one of the best cameras you can find in a mobile phone today. Sony’s solution for software makes it all feels immensely rich while it feels much more manageable than in many other manufacturers. The big news here is support for higher ISOs, 12 800 to be exact. It is, however, nothing you can experiment with yourself foolishly, but it is only with the camera’s Auto mode, while the manual mode allows you to get up in ISO 3 200 at most. At the same time, it is hardly something that the camera makes the worse actually, everything good has been said about the camera of Xperia Xperia Z2 Z3 can be applied.

The details make the ensemble usually it’s said, and in this case, we are talking a lot about the seemingly strange paradox of battery life in a unit that received both more power hungry CPU and smaller capacity of the battery. Sony has among other things built into cache memory to the screen. This means that when you do something with the screen in a fixed location, such as reading text on a Web page, the current screen is saved in simply a memory and not processor or display needs to spin into overdrive to view something that still is not updated. Probably makes it a lot more than what you might think, for it is precisely when actually use as Xperia Z3 really stands out from the crowd. Using Sonys Stamina mode, where one of the main functions is to simply cut off all data traffic for the apps you selected to provide access to while the screen is off is saved huge amounts of battery and to get the phone to last for one day or more during normal use is no problem at all. Sony’s views on battery saving function is simply the best in class without the inhibiting the use of many other similar functions can do. There is also a solid sleep that basically gives you access to phone and text messages and nothing more, but it’s not exactly a mode you use daily, but in case of emergency, just as other manufacturers ‘ counterpart on the subject.

When it comes to speed, it’s a little touch and go between Xperia Z2 and Z3. None of it feels instantly slow in any sense at all, but when we run performance tests are more or less equal in everything. The Z3 does seem to be significantly more witty writing and reading from memory than its predecessor, but at pure practical use is not directly by.

If it’s something Sony phones could be accused of is the lack of lullull. Sure, water resistance and the ability to shoot in 4 k resolution may well be applied into the category for the extras that don’t need to be there (though we appreciate the enormous water resistance). But in terms of what the competition has been tinkering with for primarily this year but also in previous years, it feels a little like Sony are working hard on the standard facilities without building on the Extras. Their shooting on Android is pretty clean, where the charges are either invited or stays out of the way enough to not be annoying. But when other manufacturers are threatening with heart rate monitor, finger print reader, distance cameras, laser autofocus, IR remotes and screens with higher resolution than Full HD Sony phones feels very tight in relationship. But on the other hand, their lurking, with Xperia Z3 at the head, silly good.

Mobile Battery test
Battery video time: 6 hours and 46 minutes

Questions and answers
I have a Xperia Z2, is there any point in upgrading?
Unless you must have a coppery phone, no.

But if I have a Xperia Z1?
Since we’re talking a small performance increase and, above all, a slightly larger screen. But with this refresh rate, you can almost wait and see how the Z4 will be before you decide.

So, what about Android L?
Not a sound from the official quarters yet, despite available develops beta of the system. But we assume that type the entire Z-family updated with Z3 first in line.

On the other hand

Elias Nordling: Sony’s top model has become considerably much nicer in the hand, and it’s also the whole point of this phone. I think it passes some kind of magical boundary from feel big and clumsy to be smooth at this change. Sometimes it’s the other things than gigahertz and megapixel counts.

One option: Sony Xperia Z2 Cheaper shortly
Do you feel that full-price for a top model is a bit to take in, you can always watch the Xperia Z2 with basically the same specs and features, but soon with a much better price.

Test chart
It is a little difficult to show in a test chart, but it’s really getting cameras as one can try to measure up to that of the Xperia Z3.

Xperia Z3 is a little more water resistant than its predecessor

Although Android L lurking around the corner, we can not complain about the outdated Android version this is not.

It must be said again, the camera is absolutely phenomenal!