Test: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

News of Sony’s compact Z3 model is significantly more is of big brother the Z3, which still is as impressive as with Sony’s previous compact model.

On the other hand is Sony’s Z3 Compact a really cocky new additions in the mobile world compared to its predecessor. On the other hand, suffers the same-, certainly pleasant, problems that the larger Z3 model, namely that it passed for a short period of time between the models and therefore it is not so big difference as we could wish for us. The latter part can certainly be explained by the fact that the entire mobile world ground to a halt pretty much when it comes to upgrades of the specifications.

In the gap between Xperia Accelerometer and new Z3 Compact, however, there is enough news to make it seem legitimate. The phone has, at a hair’s breadth when, the same width and height as its predecessor, but is closer to the millimeter thinner. Despite the fact that Sony has received a 0.3 inch larger screen and a slightly more powerful battery. That alone is a feat in itself and then felt yet Accelerometer really impressive when it came.

Now, almost a year after it was first announced (then as the exclusive Japanese model while the Compact name and drop the first came at the beginning of the year) still feels the idea of a phone model with adult specifications in a streamlined format as something exotic when it actually only is Sony who have chosen to make the type of phones. Other manufacturers are pouring out budgetosande low price models with similar names as top model, which always feels a bit bitter especially now that we’ve seen that it’s possible to do otherwise.

But if we start with the Z3 Compact then. This design has been made in the same way as the larger the Z3, but with the difference that the rounded sides are made of plastic rather than metal influences a bit negatively on overall sentiment, but at the same time, the phone is so well built that we can forgive the skavanken. Each corner of the handset, like the Z3, clear joints, something that should be used to get better reception on the phone. Z3 Compact has unfortunately not the same mind when it comes to loading door as big brother. This split it instead with the location of the memory card. It does cover major, which then leads to a larger area that may be exposed to wear and tear and thus leak water. Better would have been if the SIM and memory card got intermingled in a gap that still doesn’t open as often and charging got a own. Or simply that Sony offered a charging cable with magnetic contact to take advantage of the specific connector located on the side of the shell. Had such a skid accompanied had wear and tear on the loading door could have been avoided.

The larger screen, with no loss of resolution, include extremely clear when using the phone side by side. The looser the pixel density of the Z3 Compact can be seen in practice, but the extra thirds thumb screen real estate makes a great deal of experience.

When it comes to the inside means the difference between the models much more than it did between Xperia Z2 and Z3. Simply for the extra rappheten in Snapdragon 801 vis-à-vis its predecessor Snapdragon 800 as the Accelerometer was equipped with. At the same time, it brings no huge differences vis-à-vis Accelerometer, but actually also not against big brother Z3. The larger model’s extra memory used reportedly mostly to smoothly operate around the extra pixels that the resolution of the screen. With lower resolution of Z3 Compact is not needed the extra GB RAM, without floating on the extremely fast with “only” two gigabytes of RAM.

Screen resolution also makes its battery life. A lower resolution means fewer pixels to move around and therefore a slower processor. Then, add the same cache memory to the screen as the Z3 has, so that updating the screen and the processor goes down when you read the text on a website, along with a larger battery so it becomes nothing but success. Z3 Compact beats its predecessor by nearly one hour in our battery test, and in the same test run it on both the Xperia Z2 as Z3. The test is conducted with all forms of battery-saving features turned off. With Sony’s class-leading Stamina mode, including hugger data connectivity for all apps except those you specify when the screen is off, we are repeatedly surprised at how slowly the battery indicator is ticking down. As with Xperia Z3 also features an Ultra Stamina mode that provides even more battery life, but since all the functions except the most important (such as telephone and sms) is turned off, it is not intended to be used permanently in particular.

When it comes to the camera is pretty much the same story as before. This means the same optics and software that sat in the Xperia Z2, which won repeated camera tests with us during the year. Although the new ISO mode on 12 800 found in Xperia Z3 not listed here we still news in the form of recording video in 4 k resolution, something original, not blessed with.

Then it is not about an equally new type of product that Z1 Compact meant clearly has a lot of novelty are fading. At the same time, we should even better battery life and a bigger screen, together with a considerable rapper system, seen to be a “mini model” does not have a Z3 Compact.

On the other hand
Elias Nordling: Z3 Compact a backside of glass instead of plastic back on the Accelerometer seems like a step forward, but in return feels plastic sides as a half step backward. The difference in thickness is not as evident and conclusive as between the Z2 and Z3.I still think Sony put a little too much bloatware, but there is nothing running in the background and takes up memory for Samsung.

Mobile Battery test
Battery video time: 7 hours and 46 minutes

Questions and answers
What about Android L?
Is reasonably the Z3 and Z3 Compact first to update, but Sony has not said anything officially yet.

I have an Accelerometer, is it worth upgrading?
It’s all well most in such cases if the novelty, for the differences are not large enough to justify an investment in a new phone.

Z3 or Z3 Compact?
Thereupon argue the scholars so to speak. It all depends on your budget, if you want a slightly smaller screen or not. When it comes to purely practical use, it is very little difference between them.

An alternative: Xperia Z1 Compact Cheaper minitoppmodell
None of the other manufacturers have managed to get out a similar model of the year, but do you have a budget to go on, it may be worth to look at Accelerometer instead, then both still are fairly equal, but the older model has a slightly lower price.

Test chart
On the whole, this is about the same camera as in most of Sony’s top of the range during the year. That is one of the best mobile cameras you can find today.

0.3 inches doesn’t sound much, but the larger screen makes a lot of Z3 Compact.

The camera still belongs to one of the best you can find in a mobile.

It has no record of thinness, but no one can accuse it of being thick directly.