Test: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

At first it seems to Note 4 most contain small updates, but at the same time, it’s really the details that make the whole.

“Oh well, it was everything?”

It was a little bit of our feeling after Samsung Unpacked event on IFA in which Galaxy Note 4 was presented. Some upgraded hardware, some new ink features, and that’s it. During the press conference pressed the hard on sister model Note Edge, although they had problems to show the real benefits of the curved “extraskärmen” as the model offered.
A little the same feeling we had when we started testing Note 4 for a couple of days ago. It felt more like Apple’s now classic maneuver to drop an S-version of last year’s model than the major upgrades that we become accustomed when it comes to the Note series. But sometimes it’s the small upgrades that with some perspective, they make big impressions. At the same time is very typical Samsung on good and evil.

We start with the outside so the dimensions are about the same as its predecessor, any millimeters bigger here and one millimetre smaller. It’s a pretty hefty piece to the phone, which has always been the show’s hallmark, and unlike almost all other Samsung has always had his pen to give more legitimacy to the size selection. We Note 4 and its predecessor in each hand, however, we notice that it has caught a lot of might. Where Note 3 feels almost hollow and thus correct plasticky Note 4 inherited some properties from luxury sportsman Galaxy Alpha. The edge around the handset are in metal, but for unknown reasons very harshly treated such that it could almost be mistaken for Beaver will be soft and any harder. It gives a completely different feel to the phone and the one where the vacuity that found in earlier model is blown away (tap a Note 3 so it almost feels like the vibrations from a metal spring, which most are worrying even though construction is proven to keep). The back has the same fake plastic leather as before and here it is, without doubt, the black model that feels the best. It has a slightly rubberized feel, while the white model most closely resembles rough shiny plastic. According to Samsung, the difference depends on a white rubberized finish is a rich dirt magnet, but it still doesn’t take away from the feeling that the white model feels cheaper. On the whole, however, it is a building that clearly feels more confidence-inspiring than before.
When it comes to the surface and shell have Samsung chose not to make Note 4 water resistant as the former top model Galaxy S5. According to Samsung for the different target groups, but at the same time they both included the heart rate monitor from S5 and added a service with a personal trainer in health apps that S Health, something that encourages the use of sweaty environments. While we understand the point that Samsung would do have the fact proved that they can make water resistant mobiles that look perfectly normal, so we had a lot of love to seen an IP rating here. We proceed on the heart rate monitor and S Health while we are there so that’s all fully passably and significantly improved with each new version of the app that Samsung introduces. At the same time, it is still an incredibly locked and inconsistent service that is not in the proximity of the Samsung claim that it is. On the other hand, it is actually water resistance and S Health that are the main negative aspects we can find with your phone. Just as the heart rate monitor, we also get the fingerprint reader from the S5, which works really well while it is in practice limited to unlock the phone and not much more (it’s probably far from anyone who will use it together with Paypal-buy mobile, which is the second major area of use).

On the outside, we find an improved front camera with wide angle for better selfies and “wefies” (ugh …) and a further improved camera on the back. The rear camera takes virtually all the technology from Galaxy S5, but also adds optical image stabilization. It makes it the first of Samsung’s ‘ normal ‘ phones with the technology (the monster K Zoom has it too) and it does mainly to photos in a little bit worse light, better sharpness, but also focus on the whole improved. The camera itself is really good, no doubt about that. It is up there among the top tier of mobile cameras, just as expected, but it is missing a little bounce to get on top of the throne. At the same time as the camera works really well to use with standard features suffer the same problems as the S5 when it comes to more advanced users and functions. With the menu open, it feels the most like all features poured in without much thought and everyone involved would do well to Samsung put the same designers as simplified Androidskalet Touchwiz to S5 got their say and clean up.
The big thing, literally, with this phone is, of course, otherwise the screen of course. Habit faithful run Samsung on the Super Amoled and just gets better and better at exploiting the color palette on the screen technology gives while becoming better at turning down the exaggerated colors previously characterized the technology. Combine that with the resolution 2 560 x 1 440 pixels and we may as well not do anything but to love the screen from start to finish.

But there is another aspect of the screen that always made that Note-series had an advantage against other white headphones, pen. Of course, it is here, now with slightly improved sensitivity and new features. Of the new features there is one that at first it sounds trivial, but that we are considering how we survived without before. Instead of taking a screen shot by pressing and holding the pen button and tapping the screen (the feature is consigned to the pen’s pop-up menu) used it instead to select text. Utterly trivial at first glance that said, but it is a function that acts sick much more smoothly than any other alternative to Android and once you get used to it’s there gives it a huge added value. All features from earlier models are of course still left too, the difference this time around is that Samsung has done a little bit of time to get to a better sense of integration, inter alia, in anteckningsappen’s Note and the Scrapbook.
When it comes to software in General is very much about your relationship with Touchwiz, Samsung’s shell of Android. It contains many sensible functions, while the weigh down the system significantly. Despite the impressive three gigabytes of RAM is standard that just over half are occupied by the system. Probably it is Touchwiz which is the bottleneck for performance tests, in General Note 4. The phone reacts with lightning speed during normal use and in tests, place it in the top tier, but go at the same time on the rod of among other things, the company’s own Galaxy Alpha.

When it comes to features and software is now on so much that we could devote an entire text for just that. Sound Recorder now uses the phone’s built-in microphones (three normally used for noise reduction) to determine how many are in a call (up to eight) so that you can isolate individual speakers. At the top of the handset are obviously the IR port that allows the handset to the remote for everything (even if the app has some way to go). Are you security-conscious business users offers Knox a separate encrypted profile for that bit of your life and at the other end, you as a parent turn it on nedlåsta and limited child mode. Via Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts hittepå, you get the right sound premiumappar free for a time, as in a year Endomondo Pro (despite the fact that it doesn’t talk to’s Health), Evernote premium for a year, access to the entire Businessweek and a bunch of other goodies. Any extra apps, you get to choose from, so they will not come with pre-installed and takes up space (even if Samsung has the good habit of allowing users to install apps on the memory card). At the same time, there are a lot of Samsungappar, for example, chat and the like (Alltogether) who could have been downloadable, rather than included as they require that all involved are more or less the last model from Samsung to work.
Software wise, it is a great added value for the user, while there are many apps and features built-in that most take up space or RAM and that is not always possible to turn off. It is a little of that double-edged sword, both we and Samsung may live, but when it comes in such a high-performance, please hold that Note 4 pulls it anyway not download experience in daily use.

Just as Note 3 Note 4 includes staggering much while offering an added value that really no one else doing with your pen. There is much to understand in order for you to utilize it fully, but once you’ve done it means Note 4 a different kind of experience than what a “regular” Android does.

Mobile Battery test
Battery video time: 5 hours and 35 minutes

Questions and answers
No FM radio?
Nope, one of the few things missing

It will be upgraded to Android 5.0?
Samsung has not said a sound, but we assume that Note 4 is one of the first Samsung will upgrade to the new, Simon ·.

What about wireless charging?
There are, however, is an accessory just like to Note 3.

An alternative: Galaxy Note 3 – cheaper alternative
Feels a bit too expensive, Note 4, it is still nothing wrong with its predecessor, which currently can be found for a much cheaper price.If you want a Note 4, but with slightly different functionality, you can wait for the Note Edge which is released in december.

Test chart
We’re talking definitely great pictures with Note 4 and for most people it will be quite enough.