Test: Otterbox Symmetry for Iphone 6

OtterBox smoothest skins suffering from a little too much hard plastic for its own good.

Symmetry is the series of skins that is in the Otterbox the very lightest category, although they of course have made themselves the most famous plastic bricks in the Defender series. Here it’s more about something like a traditional shell, but where the Otterbox included some details of some more impact resistance than a conventional plastic shell.

Symmetry using a bit of the same kind of two layer construction as their larger relatives, though to a lesser extent. This is an Interior in soft materials and patterning to create absorbing air pockets between the skin and the telephone, and a hard plastic outer shell. The outer part, however, seems to have gone on a SOAP treatment since last time, for it is much slippery than the former model by Symmetry we tested.

At the same time, it is a half-cheap shell that may not protect against any direct wetness, but a lot of bumps and a raised rim around the screen to prevent crushed screen and the like.