Test: Oneplus One

Oneplus promises a mobile that will be as good or better than Sony, Samsung and HTC’s best can offer but at a price over 3000 crowns. At large keeps what it promises.

The Chinese manufacturer Oneplus have with clever marketing managed to create a hype about their first mobile One. Before the launch, we sent out a long series of teasers and to buy it, you need to have an invitation and set you in line for a copy.

On the other hand, pledge Oneplus One more than just a hype.Above all, they promise a cell with State properties in all areas for a lot less money than what you need to pay the more established manufacturers. The version with 16 GB of storage memory costs 2 500 kroons (including VAT and shipping), and the 64 GB version 2 850 dollars directly from the manufacturer’s website.

That’s about half the price of what you are paying for a Sony Xperia Z2 or a Samsung Galaxy S5 if you buy them in cash. But on the other hand, if you still calling and browsing for about 200 dollars a month and are prepared to commit yourself to a service provider, you can get an Xperia Z2 from Tele2 for 3600 dollars. The price difference is not so great as big as it might first seem.

Oneplus One is a large mobile. Height, weight and screen size are all closer to the Samsung phablet Galaxy Note 3 than the flagship S5 model Galaxy. Förhandsinfon when the “hiding” behind an Xperia Z2 is a less mobile was verging on false advertising. The rounded shape makes the phone feels thinner than the dimensions. It is worth to know that the battery is not replaceable.

The back is made of sandpaper-ok, it’s not out of sandpaper, it just feels so-and it takes a while before people stop believing it to be bit by itself each time you hold in your phone. No one can say that in all cases the Oneplus One is slippery to hold. build quality feels exclusive, considering the price tag, but I lack a camera button in addition to the power and volume buttons.

The 5.5 inch IPS display has resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, which gives a sharp image where if you really are making an effort at near barely can make out certain material really. It’s also bright, if you turn it up to maximum brightness, but it automatically adjusted the brightness is too weak for my liking. This can change in the settings.Yes, Wow what a man can change it! It brings up a long list of screen brightness at different luxtal you can also adjust the light level and see what you have right now for reference. This is kontrollfreakets dream.

This brings us to the phone system, which is Android with shell software Cyanogenmod. Cyanogenmod was originally one of the enthusiasts enhanced version of Google’s standard interface, and although it is now a commercial product it still has a bit of character “by geeks, for geeks.” The luxuriance of the settings is one example, another is the equalizer that is promoted on the home screen, where you similarly have detailed control over the phone’s sound. Bothers you you on the color reproduction, you obviously also in full control of the settings.

The amount of options that are hiding in the settings can be a bit overwhelming, but on the other hand works the phone nicely with the default settings, and you do not necessarily have to go in and change the coverage indicator to show the dBm in numbers instead of sticks.

When I dig among the settings do I find a feature I immediately draws me on, and I have not seen on any other mobile; You can access some of your phone’s functions even when the screen is off. By dragging two fingers across the black screen restart your phone’s music player without the cell phone for the sake of turning on the screen. Draw an arrow in one or other way to jump between songs. Draw a circle on a dark screen to start the phone and jumps directly to camera mode.

These features are instantly addictive and I wish there was even more options. Do you have any kind of screen lock code or rörelsegest and enable the camera with a circle, you will first need to screen lock that you need to unlock before you proceed to the camera app.

Another area that define the Cyanogenmod is to you in addition to manually go in and change the color schemes and fonts can buy themes to change the look of the phone. There is a relatively wide range of between 10 and 20 dollars and I turn to on an art deco theme that gives your mobile 30-talslook.

For the Mobile’s standard software is relying largely on Google’s Installation defaults. This also applies in cases where these are worse than the competition, such as the calendar and e-mail program. An exception is the calculator, as in start mode contains the basic functionality you expect in a dead easy interface, but if you flick to the sides you will find all the mathematical operations you can dream of, including graphing, hexadecimal calculations and matrix calculations. This calculator is available to download for free in the Android market to other models.

Cyanogenmod are therefore still very near Google’s standard interface, and those who prefer an Android version as “clean” as possible will not be disappointed by the Oneplus One. Personally, I appreciate it for the almost total absence of so-called bloatware, programs and services that the manufacturer throws into the phone whether you want them or not. In addition to these programs take up space in memory, they are often also and ticking in the background and impairs the phone’s battery life and performance. I react just on battery life in everyday use. After a day of hard testing and an overnight standby without charge, I have still one third of battery charge left. This is not about some smart battery saving features but probably only if the less background task.

Given the lack of bloatware, and special features, it’s a bit strange how much of the phone’s storage memory is not available to the user. The version we are testing is the 64 GB model, where 55 GB is available to the user. 9 GB disappears on the road. The phone also lacks entirely site for memory cards, which is fully acceptable on 64 GB variant, but a warning flag must be set here for the 16 GB version. Better to afford a couple hundred pieces to.

It is clear in any case that the menus respond without the slightest trace of lag. We have run both battery and performance tests on the cell phone, and in these ports results among the best we measured on a mobile, although the margin for Samsung Galaxy S5 is not large.

The camera is on 13 megapixel and is made by Sony. It can be said that the camera is good enough to not be counted as a negative in the weight class Oneplus One claims to wrestle in, while it is not so good to Oneplus One gets a chance to go the final match for the title of best mobile camera.

The pictures look great at full screen, even on the computer, and can usually be enlarged to 100% without being ashamed for you. On the other hand, contend the camera that so many mobile cameras with contrasts, and you sometimes have to choose between something should be too bright or too dark in the picture. Darkness photo is not the camera’s branch and the pictures quickly becomes noisy in lower light conditions, but the photo light gives a warm light that feels natural.

Videos with the camera, a slightly jerky feeling, something I also experienced with the camera in Samsung Galaxy S5, but feels otherwise sharp. You can also shoot in 4 k resolution, but I have no screen with sufficient resolution in order to check the results, and probably not you either.

You can also record video in slow motion or time lapse (“fast motion”). Slow motion mode works only in 720 p resolution or lower, something you may not know until you try to record. The result is noticeably worse than recording at normal speed, but it sure is a fun feature!

The camera app is well actually the part of the camera where the Oneplus One loses most against competitors like Sony and Nokia. It has fewer settings, and they are more difficult to access. A big plus that you can choose how hard your images will be compressed when saved as jpeg.

There is no area in which we can see by the Oneplus One low price tag? Well maybe on the sound. For normal phone calls, the sound is acceptable, but worse than people are used to from the top of the range. Are you using the right speaker sound is tinny voice, with low volume. And don’t even think about the idea of listening to music with your phone’s speaker. It sounds horrible.

Use the included headset … no you do not because this is something as rare as a cell where no heaset. But if you use your mobile phone headset supplied LAST capable in all cases to deliver sound with good quality and rich output.

A few words should be said about the mobile network support. Oneplus One has 4 g, but only on the frequencies in 2600 MHz band (including Three’s frequency using a more odd computer technology).These are mainly used in the big cities and we come up in 103 Mbps download on the Office, but 4 g in the 800/900 MHz bands are not supported and you will be outside the cities, it is 3 g. In addition, I notice that the cell phone a couple of times drops the power supply completely. A reboot will help, but it’s boring having to resort to it.

In spite of these remarks is Oneplus One a mobile which stand comparison with Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) and LG G3. In some areas exceeds these, on the other, it does not reach all the way through, but with the price tag, it has the right to expect significantly less than what Oneplus One delivers.

Plus and minus



No bloatware

Many configuration options




Limited 4 g

No camera button

No memory card slot