Test: Microsoft Surface

Which tablet makes Surface 3 all right it is able. Which combo drive, it is still a rather strange experience.

Surface series can almost be compared with Google’s Nexus series. A grasp from the parent company to show how it really should go to. Unlike Google’s own series, it is not so much whether to release of cruel devices at attractive prices, but this is the premium segment that applies, at least if we are to see the Surface of a tablet in the same category as Android tablets or ipads. At the same time, it is precisely this Surface is not because it is a full-featured Windows machine with performance which, together with the construction quality is among the best laptops you can buy.
Microsoft want to Surface mainly seen as just a laptop, but with the ability to use it as a tablet. Why do they insist on from this point of view does not include keyboard skin Cover is a bit odd. It is true that the price tag would go up, but one of the main reasons Microsoft indicates is that dealers would have to set aside so much storage space to provide all of the different variations of Surface packaged with all the different color variants of the keyboards (Surface Pro 3 Laptop Bundle with included black keyboard … like that, loosely. Would any other barrelled over color choices, the shop separately and pay for the option). The variant we tested are in all cases with Type Cover and therefore we go in to the “accessory” also in this text.

If we for a moment put aside the discussion of what Microsoft themselves would see the drive as it is still a really nice machine. To compare the third edition of the Surface against the first is almost silly, as it first looks to be made of some unknown budgets. The plate itself is a bit more hefty than, for example, similar tiles that Samsung’s Note and Tab Pro series, but the difference between a tablet with actual Windows (Windows RT seems not even Microsoft themselves will be felt for long) and an Ipad or Divert nowadays are surprisingly small. Depending on your taste, perhaps the gray magnesium shell is not the most beautiful thing you can find, but well-built. When we talk Microsoft actually blames the thinness of the USB port thickness that the plate could not make thinner.

With the Surface adds Microsoft even greater emphasis on the pen, supplied. Although it is not the same manufacturer to technology in Samsung’s Note-units, the result is still the same, work opportunities with cruel precision. Both the screen and the pen tip is also treated to give a little extra friction and thus feel more like a real paper, a prank that actually works really good but it feels when you point your finger at the screen. Here, Microsoft has also integrated a whole bunch of extras in connection with the pen too, almost as if they’re on top of the Samsung’s Note level in terms of sheer quantity. As with the Note series requires these features to you in the first place, of course, must use the pen, but also that you are a frequent user of Microsoft’s own One Note.

When it comes to the plate itself is actually more like Tablet than the Windows computer in terms of the exterior. We find, for example, only one USB port and in the built-in rather than sitting a Micro SD card and next to the aforementioned USB port there is a hole for the Displayport. Admittedly the doors to very much and Displayport may well be seen as the standard in the computer context. But it would have been too much to ask with a USB port so we could use a wireless mouse and a USB stick without an adapter? Or why not an HDMI port? Or a full-sized SD card so that we do not need to download from camera images through the USB port probably preoccupied with other things? It’s simply a little too simplified. However, it should be said that the native place, which now can be set Steplessly altogether, is a really good invention from Microsoft’s site. At the same time it feels like a built-in 3 g or 4 g modem were not wrong at all.

In terms of hardware and performance, there is nothing to complain about really. Intel’s processors and built-in graphics can handle quite a lot at the moment and if you find something they can’t do is probably more about graphics heavy games which are not provided with the unit. Even the battery life keeps the style and if you don’t do some advanced things you too with a little good will can keep the machine under more or less the whole working day. Huge plus also for Microsoft meant to and poked into a USB connector for charging in the power supply for the plate.
So that the part with the keyboard. Even here, Microsoft has thought to between generations and type feeling has improved significantly while the shell become steadier. What’s also become vastly better is the touchpad, as in the first edition of the Surface was almost useless, and now at least works okay. There are far better tablets to Windows computers, but to sit in such a thin stuff, it works really well.The shells can also fold in just above the top row of keys. It enables you to have a small slope on the keyboard when you sit at a desk, which is always welcome. Main advantage is that it provides much better stability if you hold the device in your lap and type. It is still light years away from the stability of a laptop in the working position, but also light years from wobblandet that previous versions were drawn with.

And so have we. Much has been improved in Windows 8.1 compared to the first round, especially if you use the machine as a real computer, then pekskärmsläget is not quite as intrusive and in the way as before. The portion of the Windows is still not the slightest touch-enabled, which is a bit silly when it is still where the Office package is available, but as the Windows computer and with the ecosystem of applications available here we have less to complain about now, and probably even less when Windows 10 is released.Pekskärmsläget and using it all that Tablet is still a bit of an exercise in patience and really is Readly and a handful of other apps that even leads us to consider a visit to the app store. The aforementioned newspaper or magazine app on a screen that is more or less equal to that of most magazines, however, is really nice.
As Windows hardware continues to Surface to be something of a measuring stick for the rest of the manufacturers’ offerings. The pen makes a lot for those who see the benefits of such a purchase to the keyboard’s experience as a laptop almost on par with a “real” one. That tablet with Windows is missing the really unprecedented, but on the other hand, we compare it with tablets that use other operating systems, it is clear what Windows is basically good and bad. Just cleavage between a real computer and Tablet do as you may have noticed in the above text that different parts from both camps a delete on the foot and it makes to the Cape from the end result will be a part.

Questions and answers
How does it with a little heavier program?
No problems whatsoever. We ran the parts of a newspaper delivery via device and both Photoshop Indesign rolled on without remarks.

There is a compartment for the pen?
No, but it is possible to fasten the keyboard skin

No version with Windows RT?
Not as far as the eye can see.

An alternative: Steadier and less expensive
Are you more looking at a laptop that can be used as a Tablet have Asus T300 and Lenovo Yoga-series received fairly good reviews in more machine-centric media. Often with a lower price tag as well.

Test chart
As is customary with tablets, there is a camera there, but it’s nothing you will replace the standard camera with directly.