Test: LG Lifeband Touch

LG gets the award for most awkward activity meters this year, but they are going right with the software.

You can either do that most manufacturers of handledsburna activity meter and assemble the band using any type of fastener that which wristwatch. Or you can make a LG and do something that most feels like a steel ring with a minimal gummiflärp that goes to bend up where the arm can be pressed. It requires that you have ordered the correct size on the band from the start and that you can live with a very uncomfortable fitting, but so do the LG have it. Just because the band is so stiff it will be hardly the most comfortable strap to wear either.

It’s a shame, because LG does pretty much more right here. The band is fairly unobtrusive, display pretty neat and the measurement of step sits on approximately the same level as other pedometers. It is not a full-fledged smartwatch, but it can tell you when you receive a text message or calls, which is nice.

Through the app, for both Ios and now quite a few Android phones (Samsung take lessons!), the focus is more on a target for the number of calories burned per day rather than step amount. This to include other sports, although they do not necessarily provide many steps. The app is capable of measuring runs via GPS on your own and you can enter activities manually. For extra thoroughness, you can even plug in a heart-rate monitor from a bunch of different manufacturers. LG has also grasped that the world does not consist exclusively of them, but allows synchronization including Runkeeper and Myfitnesspal. The only thing that really is a little odd is the recommended weight, based on the blunt BMI, which seems rather low set (when yours truly was at LG’s recommended weight for a year or so then came the issue of eating disorders up quite often).

The app would obviously be able to attach itself to even more external services, but as a first attempt, it is a good one. Now we just hope that version 2 of the tape will be comfortable enough to actually want to use it. Also, the price is pretty hefty in comparison with many other things.