Test: Leagoo Lead 2

Lead 2 provides you with 5-inch screen and quad-core processor at a fraction of what the top models costs. Too bad that the user experience is not up to scratch.

After Huawei and ZTE, now is the time for Chinese Leagoo to make the admission on the Swedish market. In its arsenal has to 5.5-tumsluren Lead 1, may be the smallest Lead 1 to 4.5 inch and middle child Lead 2, as this test is about.

Leagoo bet on a card with all their mobiles: terrific value prices. In the case of Lead, 2 means a quad-core processor, 13-camera, dual sim card slots and 5-inch display, all at a cost of more than 1 500 SEK.
Pure performance is Lead 2 light-years from top models, unsurprisingly. But the phone keeps pace with budgetkonkurrenter as the Galaxy S5 Mini and HTC Desire 610. Limitations when it comes to processing power is reflected, inter alia, the framerate of 3D games, but the phone has a good flow in other uses, such as Web surfing. The design also feels clearly approved with rounded, removable plastic shell on the back and Sidorov with metaldetaler. But a price of this nature always involves tradeoffs. This is most visible in the low-resolution screen. Poor color accuracy, small viewing angle and low brightness makes the curiosity I felt before the Lead 2 becomes a drawn-out sigh. But the biggest problem is the peksensor, which is one of the worse I encountered during the past year. Often I have to press twice before the sensor registers the. Such pulls down hugely on the user experience.
The dulling test images with poor sharpness and color gamut, slow autofocus and weak battery performance (4 hours and 20 minutes in our test). None of that makes the situation better for the Lead 2.

Too bad, because there are a lot of smart things with the phone as well. Among other things, the dual sim card slots (3 g card, only one active at a time) and the “Wake Gesture”, which makes it possible, for example, to quickly access the camera by drawing the symbol “C” on the unlit mobile screen.
Budget options that Motorola Moto G and HTC Desire 610 costs a few hundred more, but is much stronger than Lead 2 in virtually every way.

Test chart

The camera on the Lead 2 is mediocre to say the least. We are missing including sharpness and natural colours in the images.Motljusbilder is always hard to handle for mobile cameras, but the example from Lead 2 are among the worst we have ever seen.

Battery video time: 5 hours, 45 minutes