Test: JBL Synchros Reflect

The threaded Reflect-headset from JBL are doing really well in the competition.

Sportlurar, i.e. headphones as on one or more ways to be good while you work out, starting to get thirteen on a dozen. In addition to an at least somewhat tougher construction to withstand a little more rough treatment is necessary the protection against sweat in two different ways. First, clean water assurance to lurk and remote to work after a pass and a sensible fixture to not slip out of your ear when sweat becomes all too apparent.

JBL’s series of sportlurar fixes all the criteria, where the latter variant proved to be very difficult to deal with without having to construct an earloop to the headset. This, together with the rubber insert petas hooks in the ear, just like many other sport models. The difference is that, for unknown reasons, remains even when sweating heavily (something the undersigned makes as soon as training even comes speaking, so from that point of view they are well tested). Looking at the price they actually pretty good also, although hands-free part, most are there just because and not to give the world’s best audio.

Big plus for JBL hajat to Android and Iphone have different headphone types and therefore inside two variations on the threaded headset. They’re cheaper than many other threaded lurking in this class makes it no worse either.