Test: Jabra Storm

Headset model stormskyddat that actually works really well.

Storm is a thinner and smoother variation of Jabra classic headset where some rests behind your ear and the microphone sits on an arm. Compared to similar products from Plantronics have Jabra Storm get adjustment options – you can tilt the loudspeaker to headset to work on any ear, but the angle of the microphone in relation to the rest of the headset is solid. Although it is the headset both convenient and gives good sound. The weight is low and a large surface resting against the back of the ear. Both comfort and battery life lasts for a full working day. You can connect two devices at the same time — for example, to easily switch between your phone and a video conference or a softphone on your computer. And the name? Storm actually works well when the wind blows – thanks to the included and fully analog shelter in foam rubber.