Test: Jabra Move Wireless

Jabra diet the best headphones to a pretty sensible budget packages.

It is a while since Jabra stereo headset, released the Revo Wirelessnow, but they can still be deemed to be the company’s top model when it comes to wireless bygellurar. At the IFA Exhibition Centre, they showed up a little cheaper Move Wireless, which picks a lot from its more expensive cousin.

This is the price tag set at about half of what Revo Wireless costs, but the design is recognized. It looks very much like a couple of cheaper Revo-lurking, but with the advantage that the jumper is in a little more breathable fabric instead of plastic. In addition to that it is tough to try to set the size of the still relatively close Revo Wireless in quality feel. This is also the ability to plug in the cord when needed, but touch controls has been replaced with the more physical ones.

When it comes to sound, it’s a bit thinner and not equally hue rich as their costlier sister model. Just bygellurar has as a result of its size, a relatively simple task to let the “standard good” compared with small in ear-lurking and also Move Wireless keeps a right sensible level for its price tag. The same applies to call the sound, which is fully audible in both directions, albeit a slightly thin and flat for both parties.