Test: Huawei Talkband B1

Among all the wellness bracelets out there on the market now offers Huawei a distinctive extra function with its Talkband B1.

Talkband is not an activity meter like most others, even if the very common with other bands on the market. It serves as a pedometer and measure how much you move in a day. It can of course see what time it is just like a regular clock and it shows how well and how long you sleep based on how you touched you during the night. You can also get information about how many calories you burned, based on the information you provided about yourself (age, weight, and so on), as well as how much you touched you based on the data from the pedometer. The feature, however, is that the small screen in the band can button off and then work as a normal bluetooth headset. In addition to being an activity meter is therefore Talkband a clever response to the question where to have your headset when you do not speak of it.

Own app even for Ios
The data from the tape sync to Huawei’s own Talkband app which gives you more information than can be displayed in the small black and white screen. The app is available for both Ios and Android, so you are not tied to a Huawei phone. When I first started testing the tape did not match the data in the band with what after synching synthesis in the app, but after a couple of days released an update to the band and then tuned everything. The update, you will receive notification via the app and it’s easy to accept it to be downloaded and installed on Talkband. Unfortunately, the data that the band had collected when I conducted this update, but on the other hand, the long awaited adsync worked correctly when it was done. A weakness in the context, I think, is that the band does not have a connected Web service, so the data you collect is aggregated in the app on your phone. In addition to that it limits the ability to process and use the information collected as I noticed this also when I switched between Iphone and Android in the originally tested. When I choose to connect the band to a new phone, so simply do not follow my collected data with, but it will be like starting from the beginning again.

Good diagram
When you use the band along with the app, you will get more detailed information presented in the application. For example, you can see how many minutes it took to fall asleep, when you slept deeply and easier, as well as how your physical activity has been spread over the day. All of this is shown in the chart that gives a good overview. Among the features of the band, in addition to the built-in headset that also is the device’s screen, so you can have a wake-up call in the form of vibration so that you do not interfere with someone else in the same room. The band can also remind you to move you when you sat still for too long. I notice also that the band will vibrate when I achieved my goal (10 000 steps per day), but sometimes vibrates the band also for unknown reasons, and when I look to the displayed no hint of what the band would say. The fit is good and it doesn’t take long before you forget that the band is sitting on his arm. Charging is done by the end of the tape is placed in your computer’s usb connector, which is smooth. Obviously, the whole band waterproof.