Test: Huawei Ascend Y330

Even here in Sweden it is common with tokbilliga phones.Huawei’s Y330 do actually good in that category.

Getting a cell phone just to be able to call with is today a real cheap history. Electronics barns and food stores often have big baskets with someone half antique feature phone that can handle the right calls and sms without endeavored with something more really and you get two or three hundred pieces of contrast, poorer, do you want to take the step up to a smartphone, the price for quite some time have been significantly higher, or have you had any s that barely works. With budget options that Doogee Mint and Lumia 530 fresh in your mind, it seems that the technology has become good enough that even the cheapest mobile phones should be able to take place. Just where will Y330 from Huawei into the picture.

This is thus a phone price wise is located at about the same level as Lumia 530 and often significantly lower than that, at the same time, we are actually surprised about what we get in the package.

The design is for obvious reasons nothing to jump high. A black and white soap shaped story without any distinctive feature, but at the same time freed from too much creaky plastic. What pleases us is how the screen looks like when we turn it on. We’re talking not 2 k resolution Super Amoled here directly, but when in other cases it is just the screen that is usually the biggest Achilles ‘ heel, it is nice to see a budgetlur with sufficiently good screen for that image will become distorted when we look at it from the front.

To use the phone, however, is a bit more of a patience test, to scroll or to download apps cannot directly soon, even if it is persistently advancing forward at their own pace. You may simply not be in a hurry with something when you use this handset, but you just want a cheap phone to check emails and listen to music with, for example, will do it anyway. To write text messages or the like can, however, reasonably fast on the keyboard, even if it cannot keep up with when you get up in speed. Huawei has his wont built on Android something, so you instead of having a special menu for apps you can find them on the different home screens. It is similar to the iPhone’s building something and if you are used to “regular” Android, it takes a while to get used to, but it works. At the same time, this handset inherited some smart functions from the company’s more expensive phones, so you have, among other things, a sensible energy saving mode and a couple of choices for cleaning among junk files and the like. The latter is required, then there is just under a gigabyte of free space for user files and applications (if you don’t save stuff on the memory card). In this way, it feels as though the phone has little to offer beyond just being cheap.

The camera of course belong to the bottom bite, so as it should be, with cheap phones. Auto focus and photo light is missing and the pictures will do the most for MMS than anything else. However, neither we nor the adverse party any direct problems to hear what we say when we talk on the phone, which feels good.

For somewhere between 700 and 800 dollars, it’s very much that you get what you pay for with Y330 and it’s not about making something quickly or nicely here, without more, to core smartphone functions actually works. As an first course of treatment or as a cheap extralur acts over expectations in terms of price.

Mobile Battery test
Battery video time: 3 hours and 45 minutes
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It is a handset for 800 bucks, put by!

An alternative: Lumia 530
Do you care not about the system and can think of a worse screen floats Lumia 530 on significantly better than Y330 and costs about the same price.

Test chart
There will be photos best suited for low-resolution MMS, not much more.