Test: Apple Iphone 6

IPhone 6 does not have the same expectations on themselves to do something by a great display as its larger sister model, which gives a more balanced experience.

Even if it’s Apple’s larger model of the Iphone, Iphone 6 Plus 6, which has received most of the attention — in both good and bad sense – after the two phones’ launch we guess that it is the slightly smaller Iphone 6 who will be the best seller. The two phones are identical in many ways, the biggest differences are that the larger model has a higher resolution on the screen, some larger battery and optical image stabilization in the camera. IPhone 6 can be seen as slightly more Asieninriktad than the smaller Variant. Although phablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 has sold like hotcakes here in the West, it is in Asia that the larger phones has a plenty of speed. For this reason, learning Iphone 6 to be designed largely to appease the gigantic market in the East, which also was the plan with the Iphone 5 c, although it may not have went really that Apple had in mind. Although those who already own an Iphone may reasonably come to look at the larger model is Iphone 6, closer to its predecessor in size, not a bad option at all.
Just like with the Iphone 6 we see in the smaller handset the same disadvantages with an occasional bad adaptation to countries other than the United States. The trump card with NFC and passionate about payments Apple Pay will certainly hit to Sweden sometime in the future, but if any business will have time to add support for it before the end of the year, or early next year, just in time for the launch of the Iphone is completely impossible 6s to predict. At the same time, we have had digital voice Assistant Siri for three years now and it’s starting well time that she learn Swedish? Not that any of her colleagues made it yet either, but still. When it comes to music, on the other hand, Google rolled out its entire music service in Sweden, with both sync your existing music and streaming of music from Google’s service. Apple’s equivalent means only the synchronization of your own music at present. When it comes to moving image is both Google and Apple cross bad on TV shows, but when Itunes actually has offered that bit in the United States for several years, it feels a little sour that the service still does not exist in Sweden. We start talking Ios 8 so the Yanks word suggestions in its standard keyboard now (you know, that Android had since starting kind), but if you do not write in English, you do without that piece, which is just laziness from Apple’s site.
It is starting to become quite a few services that unless you live in the States are non-existent or decimated. They had launched in Sweden in connection with the release of the Iphone 6 models would both launch have been stronger — and Apple had an extra edge against the competition.

Large mini
But the above is not fully on the Iphone 6, förutomom the lack of Apple Pay at launch. Just like its larger sister model, on the other hand, it can be said that the Apple phone now belongs to one of the larger. Although it is one of the thinner headphones in class, it is still on a relatively wide and tall telephone, much due to the round Home button at the bottom. Compared with fooling with roughly the same big screen, Sony’s Xperia Z3 Compact and Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha’s Iphone 6 significantly larger. It’s a bit like when the HTC One M8 was released, also a handset which is significantly larger than their peers at other companies. M8: ans size appeared seemingly depend exclusively on HTC wanted to get the site with their logo on the front. The iPhone 6 is not, however, a giant telephone and reasonably, it is precisely the 4.7-inch model that will sell best, not least among those who had the Iphone in the past or want to keep the size down. In addition, the smaller model also not involved in the “bendgate”, how big or small the problem the problem now. The larger model of the Iphone 6 is that familiar bent in people’s pockets.In the case of manufacturing defects, weak construction or abnormal high pressure in the tight jeans also remains to be seen, but the smaller model has not had the same complaint.

The new shape with shell in almost exclusively aluminum also is reminiscent of HTC’s aforementioned top model. Both have the same spotless build quality, which on the Iphone 6 just dragged down by the plastic strips that are placed on the back to act as antenna. The front looks like the Iphone 6, unexpectedly much Samsung out and even if the whole phone as I said is flawlessly constructed, it feels the design considerably less Apple than previous editions have done.

Even back protruding camera is a somewhat odd design choice for Apple. Unlike the larger model have the camera nor blessed with optical image stabilization, without an electronic, software-based history. The image stabilizer to do that moving objects in low light is captured sharp and which include the Iphone 6 is not as sharp as the Iphone 6, even if there are no horse lengths that separates them. The faster autofocus is also available on the Iphone 6, together with the above image very smooth image quality which is the iPhone’s hallmark. That does not mean the best pictures you can get with a mobile phone camera, but still really good ones and very few occasions where white balance or metering sticking out in strange ways they can make on many competitors. At the same time, it is sometimes a lot of choices in Apple’s kameraapp, which in the past has always been a leader in the simple and clean interface.

Fewer customizations
IPhone 6 means fewer customizations of Ios 8 than what Iphone 6 requires. No landscape mode for start is not here, which actually feels a bit churlish. You can, however, through double petande on the home button to pull down the top of the start screen, some of Apple’s own apps, and choose a standard location or zoomed in close. The features are mostly for those who have grown accustomed to 3.5 or 4 inch big screens on previous Iphones, and think it is getting too much finger yoga to control an Iphone 6 with one hand. Reasonably, it features that Apple will use in smaller extent as people get used to the bigger screen real estate, but they are good for a transitional period.

If we look at the larger screen, so it’s a really good display with really good colour rendition and blackness. Unlike the larger model, we get no full HD resolution, but an odd twist just north of 720 p resolution. In practical terms it doesn’t matter and it is not possible at all to complain about any blocky resolution. The only time it appears is in the apps that have been adapted to the new model or which had not been good enough graphics from scratch, something that likely will in most cases be updated shortly.

A gratifying detail is that the metallic tone that we found at the call of the Iphone 6 is far less here. It is still more metallic than in previous Iphone models, but the Iphone 6 is noticeably clearer than its larger cousin smatalsljud.

Something Apple pulls big on is the larger battery, which, together with the current leaner A8 chip will give considerably much better battery life. Apple actually has the right and the Iphone 6 is much easier to make it through a day than previous models. However, we do not notice too much difference in energiförbruukningen between 6 and 6 Plus in common use, even though Apple says that the larger Variant should fare better. It should be pointed out that the Iphone doesn’t have a sigh against current champions Sony on the battery front. Reasonably, it is a kind of pride that keeps Apple from incorporating a battery saving mode, but when Sony with their Stamina mode has shown how good this can be done for that handset will keep for two days of use, it is of course a bit sour for Iphone users.

Something that is pretty impressive, however, is performance, which, despite the very efficient specifications well is up and wrestle with the top models in Android and Windows camp when we run the phone through performance tests. Performance tests are, however, always a little strange with an Ios device, then the lack of lag in both interface that apps are a little of the system’s hallmark.

Although the Iphone 6 is a smaller update than Iphone 6 to their predecessors, both literally and figuratively, the end result still something of the same. In the choice between the two versions is the most if which one is best in his hand on you. Both phones are inherently rich upgrades from previous versions – yet we had hoped for a little more. There are good phones, but lacks that last tip, to get up to or get past some of the competitors’ level.

Mobile battery test
5 hours & 2 minutes

Questions and answers
How does the fingerprint reader?
As good as the Iphone 5s. In short, it should also show up third-party apps that can benefit from it too.

But no water seal? Wireless charging, HD music?
Nope, it may well wait until Iphone 6s

What about accessories?
All Lightning-products are still and size specific gadgets like dolls and shell come out en masse.

An alternative: Iphone 6 Plus – the larger
We can of course be honest here. Look at the Iphone 6 so it’s an Iphone you are looking for. You do not want any of last year’s models, and it is only to choose between large or small Iphone.

Test chart
It’s not about any test winner, but images with the Iphone 6 is still really good and keeps a really consistent quality.

The screen is 0.7 inch larger is last and now in similar size to other manufacturers ‘ top models.

1810 mAh
Relatively small battery in the phone compared to the competition

The new help the processor in the Iphone 6 is counting not just step, but nowadays even height.