Test: Apple Ipad Air 2

On paper, includes Ipad Air 2 correct many news and it is still a tablet. But in practice, few news.

Apple deviated from its “normal” upgrade patterns with Ipad Air 2, as it actually has a different format than last year’s model, which in turn was a major shift for Ipad 4. In the past we have become accustomed to at least two generations follows the same format, but that is not the case this year.

With that said, it is actually a fairly small update to the exterior from last year. 1.4 mm smaller in height is felt in this case actually not nearly as much as the jump between Ipad 4 and Ipad Air did and a few tens of grams in a clean weight is actually nothing that we notice of either. Slider who ruled either rotation lock or shutdown of the sound (depending on what you chose) has a vanishing to the happy hunting grounds, however. At the same time, we had rather seen an update of the physical format instead, for now it actually feels as if the Ipad Air 2 is a little too big frames around the screen against competitors.
To make the slab thinner have Apple eliminated the air gap between the glass, peksensor and screen, which provides a slightly different effect at first glance (it looks more sticker decal than real screen), but that doesn’t really do either bu or BAA during normal use. The screen itself beats no kind of record regarding pixel density anymore, but in terms of size, we have nothing to complain about when it comes to sharpness. The same applies to the performance in General, which is still really good. At the same time, excluding the air columns, the same as last year and hardly anything to become too excited about. Except for one detail, however. The screen is now matte instead of shiny. It’s not something that affects the point Kansas or the qualities, but we don’t have to quite a lot of glare from nearby light sources and some reflections, which is always positive.

What is new on the front is the home button, which is endowed with the fingerprint reader Touch ID, something we lacked in last year’s model. This works the same exemplary to the Iphone, just as expected, but at the same time, it is often a bit uncomfortable grip when we shall reach the both for unlocking and buy in the App store and hold the plate with two hands. Touch ID is also the heart of Apple’s payment solution Apple Pay, we won’t get to see in Sweden for a while. The plate supports internet payment part of Apple Pay, and although there is an NFC chip built-in, just like in the Iphone 6 and 6 plus, it will not be used for payment in the shop but it’ll have to do with Apple’s security solution for the entire system. This had been cleanly to build in functionality to serve as payment terminal for individual traders and small shops, but not.

New on both the front and back are also cameras, updated with more pixels and better optics back and better optics presented. It provides the most better image under low-light conditions, which is a great advantage for video calls. The camera on the back has been updated to Apple now think we should do what we all tanned then ate the first plates had built-in cameras, i.e. trailing with us them to photograph and film with. Although there is no photo light for the rear camera, which had been badly needed otherwise. On the software side, the camera has been endowed with more or less the same features as the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 to accommodate plate new systems like overgrown compact camera. It found, among other things, substantially defunct panoramas, burst mode and timeshift. It provides clearly more opportunities, but it is still a tiotumsplatta you are trying to use that camera …

Even the hardware has been upgraded to cater for Ipads new feature photo and videomonster. Systemchippet A8 from Iphone 6 and 6 Plus have polished up the A8x model, which gives a small performance increase from phone model. The chip also means a lot of hardware features for photo and video for these to be done faster and better. It is also in the editing software for the various media that the performance can be seen by the most evident, with zero or very short times for rendering a little depending on which app you use. It is apparent to some extent in heavier game, loading any faster.
For normal use, however, makes it either to, or from, then much of the falls is about how good the screen is, what Ipad Air 2 delivers on the same level as the previous model. To surf the net, watch movies via streamed Ditto or locally stored version, reading books and browsing the magazine works just as well here as it more or less always done (I have a first generation Ipad still in use that, minus the apps that requires later versions of Ios and minus the higher resolution, can handle the same tasks just as well). IOS chug at very good in General and for this kind of a bit less hardware intensive quirkiness brings not the improved processor or the new format very much.
The same is true of the Ios 8 on an Ipad. Just like last year, it feels a bit like Apple has forgotten this product category when the system would be updated and operating-system-specific features Android has a fairly large advantage with several user accounts and, depending on the manufacturer, support for running multiple apps on the screen at the same time. Now that Apple still makes such a major push to widen the application range with video editing and mobile payments, they could well have been a major step for the use of the Ipad in General. And with the above mentioned “payment terminal”, and with at least two apps on the screen at the same time, on the one hand, and perhaps above all with multiple user accounts. Apple is still extremely good at attracting developers who release exclusive titles to Ios, but for the more general use of the tablets is not Ipad Air 2 a as strong players in the market longer, even though it could have been resolved to a large extent with a software update.

On the other hand
Erik M: light sources, which now provides less glare in the screen is the most obvious difference with Apple’s Ipad earlier models. Otherwise, neither reduced weight, few new features or improved performance some insights.

Mobile Battery test
Battery video time: 5 hours and 55 minutes

Questions and answers
What are the chances that the Ipad will receive multiple accounts/multitasking/flying unicorns in Ios9?
Impossible to say. It feels like stuff like that can crop up in the infamous Ipad Pro first, but when or if such a thing happens is just speculation.

What is the Ipad really better at now?
Updates are secured in a couple of years to come, something very few if any wants to divert boast. While there are many apps for specific purposes and roles that exist only to Ipad, and a lot of barnrelaterat in Swedish, which is pretty mediocre to Android.

When will Apple Pay here?
Since some time, when Apple has enough agreements concluded.Hopefully together with Siri on Swedish Radio, Swedish Itunes and word suggestions in the new Ios 8 keyboard.

An alternative: Samsung Galaxy Tab’s – have what is missing
Can you imagine dropping Ios for Android offers Tab S certainly no fingerprint reader, but good enough performance, better multitasking and separate user accounts for a lower price tag.

Test chart
It is certainly good to be a Tablet, but not any peak generally and it is still a Tablet you’re shooting with.