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Xiaomi Cell Phones and Tablet PCs

Xiaomi   Logo:   Brand facts: – It’s a mobile internet company focus on researching and developing high-end Smartphone independently and owns three core business-xiaomi phones, MIUI and MiChat. It’s also the pioneer company for developing mobile phone OS(operation system) with internet mode and there are 0.6million xiaomi fans join and help them.   Main Categories: Mobile phones, tablets Read more →

Teclast Tablet PCs

Teclast   Logo:     Brand facts: Since it was founded, Teclast insists on developing its diversified product line, it has successively introduced different kinds of personalized products such as optical storage devices, removable storage devices, digital players, tablets, eReaders, pc input equipment to the market.   Main Categories: MP4, MP5, tablets, eReaders Read more →

Lenovo Tablet PCs

Brand name: Lenovo   Logo:   Brand facts: Lenovo is a world famous brand manufacturing personal computer and technology products including laptops, ultrabooks, tablets, desktops, smartphones, workstations and other accessories. The brand name “Lenova” combines “Le-” and “novo” which imply legend, new, connected thinking and creativity, and they focus on innovation as their core value for developing and supporting new… Read more →

HP Tablet PCs

Brand name: HP   Logo:   Brand facts: HP (short for Hewlett-Packard), is an American leading brand specializing in manufacturing electronic products including computers, laptops, tablets, printers, software and other accessories. Their mission is to create technologies and products which can improve the lives of customers and help them to realize their dreams and aspirations.   Main Categories: Laptops, tablets,… Read more →

Kocaso Tablets PCs

Brand name: Kocaso   Logo:   Brand facts: Kocaso is an American brand specializing in manufacturing electronic products like tablets, notebooks, smart phones, headphones, speakers and other accessories. Their tablets are smarter, faster and better with an affordable price, which can meet the changing needs of customers and bring greater value and experience.   Main Categories: Tablets, notebooks, smartphones, tripods,… Read more →

Ematic Tablet PCs

Brand name: Ematic   Logo: Brand facts: Ematic is an American leading brand specializing in manufacturing quality and afforadable electronic products like tablets, e-readers, MP3 player, televisions and so on. They focus on the style, innovation and value for developing new products, striving to create innovative and functional electronic devices serving for everyone.   Main Categories: Tablets, readers, MP3 players,… Read more →

I-Joy Tablet PCs

Brand name: I-Joy   Logo:   Brand Facts: According to countryaah, I-Joy is a world famous brand specializing in designing and manufacturing consumer electronics like smartphones, tablets and so on. Driven by principles of innovation, seriousness and persistence, they are committed to create more high quality and creative products with a goal to build a world leading electronics brand.  … Read more →

Fuhu Tablets PCs

Brand name: Fuhu   Logo:   Brand Facts: Fuhu is an American designer and manufacturer providing consumer electronic products like tablets, headphones, pocket cameras and other devices for kids. Their goal is to create more innovative and thoughtful products and services for children and become the world’s leading designer in the industry.   Main Categories: Tablets, headphones, pocket cameras, accessories Read more →

BlackBerry BBY Tablet PCs

Brand name: BlackBerry   Logo: Brand Facts: BlackBerry, or BBY is a Canadian leading electronic brand famous for wireless handheld devices and services like smart phones, tablets and so on. Their goal is to develop new technology continuously and create more innovative and advanced produce to bring customers better experience and entertainments.   Main Categories: Smartphones, tablets, desktops, accessories Read more →

Plum Mobile Smart Phones

Brand name: Plum Mobile   Logo:   Brand Facts: Plum Mobile is an American electronic brand specializing in designing and manufacturing high quality handsets and accessories. They focus on customers’ requirements and strive to provide advanced and innovative products for people to live a better life.   Main Categories: Smart phones, unlocked GSM handsets, tablets Read more →

Maxwest Telecom Smart Phones

Brand name: Maxwest Telecom   Logo:   Brand Facts: Maxwest Telecom is a world famous brand providing a range of consumer electronics including phones, tablets and other devices. Following the principle of customer-first, they are striving to create high quality products with affordable prices to meet the needs of customers in the world.   Main Categories: Phones, tablets Read more →