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Retro Tablet

The brand Chinese, a subsidiary of the Huawei group, diversified its offer offer a retro Tablet: Honor Pad 2. Also note the output of a connected Watch: Watch S1. Honor had so far mainly focused on the market of smartphones with some success, especially for the 7 Honor. While Honor 8 was released at the end of August, the Chinese brand continues… Read more →

Tablet Technical Specifications

We regularly receive questions about the technical features we provide in our various tests. These items will allow you to determine the quality and performance of your tablet. Via this quick summary, we will try to enlighten you to decrypt these different data. Processor The faster your processor is going to be powerful, the better it will be for your Tablet. stand in 2… Read more →

How to Choose a Tablet

Tablets 2012 buying guide: keys to good choose its touchscreen Tablet   Before you buy a Tablet, a whole bunch of aspects are to consider. Whether you’re interested in video games, surfing the Web, reading digital content or even read it on a Tablet several information are needed. Here is therefore a quick overview of the different criteria to be taken… Read more →