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Xiaomi Cell Phones and Tablet PCs

Xiaomi   Logo:   Brand facts: – It’s a mobile internet company focus on researching and developing high-end Smartphone independently and owns three core business-xiaomi phones, MIUI and MiChat. It’s also the pioneer company for developing mobile phone OS(operation system) with internet mode and there are 0.6million xiaomi fans join and help them.   Main Categories: Mobile phones, tablets Read more →

Motorola Smart Phones

Brand name: Motorola   Logo:   Brand facts: Motorola is an American leading brand specializing in designing and manufacturing consumer electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, smart phones and so on. Their goal is to create the best and innovative products through developing new technology to bring people a better and more convenient life.   Main Categories: Mobile phones, MOTO… Read more →

Huawei Tablet PCs

Brand name: Huawei   Logo:   Brand Facts: Huawei is a quite popular electronic brand in China providing electronic products and networking devices like mobile phones, tablets and so on. They keep on continuously innovating and promoting new technology to create cutting-edge and innovative products for customers with perfect performance.   Main Categories: Mobile phones, tablets, mobile broadband, home internet,… Read more →

Asus Tablet PCs

Brand name: Asus   Logo: Brand Facts: Asus is a Taiwanese electronic brand specializing in designing and manufacturing computer hardware and accessories like desktops, laptops, tablets and so on. Based on the principle that innovation is the key to success, they are devoted to create innovative and cutting-edge electronics to enhance people’s lives.   Main Categories: Desktops, laptops, netbooks, LED/LCD… Read more →