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Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet Review

Test and review of the Dell coming 8 Pro 5855 Tablet: a format alluring to the nomads on Windows 10 Here is the new Dell coming 8 Pro (model 5855), a touchscreen tablet running Windows 10 and offering a 8 inches diagonal. This Dell coming 8 Pro is available for purchase for a few weeks now, note that a first version of the… Read more →

Dell Latitude 11 Tablet

Today we offer a test of a Tablet from Dell. This tablet is the Dell Latitude 11 5000 series 2 in 1. We presented this tablet in January 2016 during his presentation by teams from Dell at CES in Las Vegas. This Dell Latitude 11 5000 is designed tor eplace the Dell coming Pro 11 series (which we had already tested and which was particularly excited, find… Read more →