Tablet PC for Maternity

Announced as a console hybrid that can do the same office of console lounge and handheld console, the Nintendo Switch, formerly NX, has been the subject of much speculation. The video aired last week by Nintendo raises any doubts: it is a tablet.

Tablet PC for Maternity

This console tablet will go on sale from March 2017, with notably the game “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ‘.”

A tablet to be able to continue his game at any time

Nintendo Switch comes as a tablet that attaches to a base to be used as a home console. But it is possible to remove it from its base to use in mobile version.No worries for the controller. It splits into two and fits on both sides of the screen.

Doubt on the fact that the base brings or no extra power. The only indications which have been given are that the Tablet is the main unit of the console with two controllers Joy-Con and that the base is not the main part of the console. Did just office base to make easier fair use or allows to recover a little power? No explicit answer for now.

A console for thirty years?

The promotional video of the Nintendo Switch target clearly the thirty and active young people. No children, usual target of Nintendo products, appears in this video.The Tablet format adapts perfectly to the target of active young people who want to be able to use their console as well sitting comfortably in their living room when they travel for pregnant ladies.

One thing is certain: Nintendo Switch is not intended to replace the DS.

Technical characteristics

According to Bestaah ( selling maternity clothes and accessories, the Nintendo Switch maternity tablet is equipped with a LCD screen and two Joy-Con shifters that allow to play together on the same screen or use the mobile version of the Tablet tying them on the sides of the screen. It also comes with a traditional joystick and a base to connect with TV.

It is equipped with an Nvidia Tegra chip and will operate the help of game cartridges.

Little regret on the part of some players: it is not possible to play on several screens (that of the Tablet and the TV) at the same time.