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Yoga Tab 3 Plus

Rediscover the pleasure of watching a video on your tablet with this new model designed by Lenovo: the Yoga Tab 3 Plus. It has lots of accessories dedicated to the media to improve the image and sound quality and allow users to use their tablet anywhere.

Presented by Lenovo at the 2016 IFA Berlin, the new Yoga Tab 3 Plus Tablet enriches the range of touch pads proposed by the Chinese automaker. She abandons the picoprojecteur very noticed Yoga Tab 3 Pro but retains its characteristic cylindrical foot that is used to support. This new model has been designed for lovers of video and multimedia content and promises a better quality sound and visual experience.

Here is a full list of abbreviations and meanings about tablet computer.

IPS: In-Plane Switching

QHD: Quad High Definition

HDMI: a standard for connecting high-definition video devices

GB: gigabyte

RAM: Random Access Memory

USB: Universal Serial Bus

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus


A Tablet Designed for Entertainment

Lenovo does not hesitate to qualify the Yoga Tab 3. more than personal television. To achieve such a result, the manufacturer has equipped its new tablet of high performance accessories for a better quality of image and sound:

  • An IPS display and QHD 1-inch with Technicolor Color Enhance Technology,
  • Four JBL speakers in front and compatible Dolby Atmos®,
  • A battery with autonomy announced of 18 hours with a fast charge.

Provided with Windows 10, this tablet will be equipped with a Snapdragon 625 chip and 3 GB of RAM. At the level of the connectors, 2 USB ports, SD, MMC, SDXC and SDHC compatible card and a micro HDMI port reader are announced.

In order to maximally improve the comfort of users and allow them to use it in any circumstances, Lenovo has his tablet of 4 operating modes to view, read, play or pause. Note also that the Yoga Tab 3 Plus is splash-resistant that it might receive in the kitchen, the bathroom or outside.

The market has been announced for the end of the year (probably November 2016) priced at 299 euros in its basic version.

Lenovo Vibe A7010

With a little delay, we bring you our impressions about the Lenovo Vibe A7010, its first smartphone for the brazilian market if we not consider the postings made after she purchased the Motorola.

The Vibe is a device with intermediate price that brings some of the features found more commonly in gadget higher price, such as fingerprint reader and stereo system, Dolby Atmos , and that can cause you to consider whether you are going to choose a smartphone of this category.

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The screen of 5.5″. with a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels (density of 403 PPI) does not disappoint: it has good viewing angle, brightness which can be regulated by a sensor to suit the lighting environment, it also has resolution that is compatible with its size, making the images crisp and without the perception of the pixels that occurs in some cases.

Design and finish

Unfortunately the device does not call attention to this question while at the same time does not compromise, or be, lack the personality to the Lenovo Vibe A7010. The back cover of plastic helps to make it look a bit poor, the effect minimized by the metal frame that gives the finishing to the edges. On the front of the speakers left the Vibe, the length, a bit larger than it should be, but that’s not enough to annoy both, while the thickness stays within the that we are accustomed to in smartphones today.


With use split between WiFi and 4G, using moderately Youtube, Waze, social networks, camera, playing games and listening to music the battery resisted well, coming to the end of the day with a small gap.


In most of the times I don’t comment about the sound, but in this case I’ll make an exception: the stereo system Dolby Atmos is very interesting and should catch the attention of anyone who uses your smartphone to listen to music, because it gives clarity and power, improving the experience with this type of activity or time to play a game, for example. I admit that is the kind of differential that could convince me to buy a Vibe!


Once more the Lenovo Vibe stayed within the average, featuring a camera of 13 MP which works best with cool colors (note the color of the sky in the photo gallery below) and tends to blow a little hot, in particular red, in addition to suffer a little to adjust the brightness with the backlight intense. On the other hand the hardware could handle very well the depth of field, making focus quickly, speeding up the taking of photos, something very commendable. Here are some examples of photos captured (without any treatment) in the gallery below.The camera software is simple, but has a few tweaks interesting, that might come well in handy in some situations as white balance, adjust the ISO and the insertion of the lines grid on the rectangle, or spiral (using the golden ratio).

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Processor and performance

The MediaTek MT6753 with eight cores delivers a good experience, without locked or moments of slowness, everything flows very well on the Vibe, whether in the playback of videos, music or games, features which tend to give more work. The 2 GB of RAM also helps a lot!


The Lenovo Vibe A7010 has 32 GB of storage which is not enough to be the wonder of the 64 GB of the Moto X Force, but it ensures that you have your applications, music, and still be able to take a lot of pictures and make some videos, because it is getting more and more complicated turn with 16 GB! If you want to expand, the Vibe accepts memory card up to 128 GB of space.

Fingerprint reader

It is a useful feature, but that takes too long to be configured! I was almost half an hour to make it recognize only a digital, my right index finger, in addition, until you get the hang of it takes a while to learn the correct position to unlock it, to me only works with the tip of the finger. The whole process couldn’t be simpler!


It was released to R$1.399,00 but it is possible to find it cheaper if you do a quick search in Google.


It is a gadget that comes to play in space with models intermediaries, such as the Moto X Play, for example, and that can gain the consumer by some interesting features, among them the stereo sound in Dolby Atmos, the good life of the battery, the screen crisper, the camera is competent, and the hardware round, but that leaves to be desired in the matter of the design that could be more striking. I think that the Lenovo Vibe A7010 deserves to be taken into consideration if you are looking for a good handset between a thousand and a thousand and five hundred reais.