Tablet Dell 10 Pro (5056)

Dell coming 10 Pro 5056: a Windows 10 tablet with a 10-inch diagonal that takes the road!

After have the test of the new touch pad Dell coming 8 Pro 5855proposed you early in the week, today we test the Dell coming 10 Pro 5056, the version with a 10-inch screen. This tablet is just somehow replace the Dell coming 11 we could test last year. We already talked about the launch of this new tablet in September 2015.

A tablet that offers a 10 inch screen with a Full HD 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution. This Dell coming 10 Pro also offers an Intel Atom X 5 Z8500 clocked at 2.24 Ghz all couple to 4 GB of Ram. It runs with Windows 10 Pro and offers the C type USB port to charge the tablet or communicate with his laptop. Let’s start this test of the Dell coming 10 Pro!

Unpacking and Dell coming 10 Pro technical specifications

The content of the box is in the image of what we had on the Dell coming 8 Pro, namely:

  • The Tablet Dell coming 10 Pro
  • Charger > USB type C
  • The international literature
  • A quick start guide
  • A guide in order to properly install the SIM card

Once again no frills, we have the essentials, and we reiterate our comment about adding ear audio headphones or a cloth to clean the screen would have been a little more.

Regarding the technical specifications here are the details of the Dell coming 10 Pro:

  • Screen 10 thumbs, slab IPS
  • Full HD 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution
  • Intel Atom X 5 Z8500 processor clocked at 2.24 Ghz
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 64 GB internal drive
  • Windows Pro 10
  • Network WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC (optionally) 4G chip (in option)
  • Connector Micro SD up to 128 GB, USB type C and type A USB, Micro HDMi output
  • Size 262.6 x 175.8 x 9.85 mm
  • Weight 662 g

Technical specifications that are up to the task, note the processor Intel Atom X 5 of good quality as well as the 4 GB of Ram that are proposed. Connectivity is also the rendezvous and is ultra complete with USB type A, USB type C, micro SD up to 128 GB and micro HDMi output card, really full.

Strangely the NFC chip is only available on some models, Ditto for 4G which will be offered as an option. Otherwise note that it is possible to be equipped with a keyboard dock specially designed for this Dell coming 10 Pro, displayed at the price of € 149. This keyboard is clipped on the Tablet and you offer a real small laptop.

Multimedia Tablet Dell coming 10 Pro

The audio portion starts at 0 m 50: Same comment as for the coming 8 Pro model, we have a concern about the overall volume, it’s too low even pushed to the maximum. It should be noted also treble a little bit too garish even if tuned this is not obvious to the eyes.

The video portion starts at 2 m 30: Nothing to note, everything opens correctly and there has been no slowdown. My only complaint but it goes to the screen itself which has the tendency to reflect the outside environment.

The Ebook and PDF part starts at 3 m 28: No problem to read PDF files or not.We have tested several files ranging from 10 MB to 400 MB and we had no problems.Once again it’s the Microsoft Edge browser which automatically opened PDF files.

Surfing the Web part starts at 6 m 00: We used a connection in ‘Tethering’ (using our smartphone as internet access point) in order to carry out this test, where probably some slowdowns observed which are not due to the tablet itself. No worries for open Web sites, it is fast and efficient.

In General, the multimedia part is pretty much correct and is very close to what is proposed on the Dell coming 8 Pro. Once again we blame a low volume and treble too high. Otherwise the rest holds and works without worry.

Photos Tablet Dell coming 10 Pro

Our view on touchpad Dell coming 10 Pro

Once again we enjoyed this new Tablet Dell coming 10 Pro. A very nice product that easily allows to work at either or on the go. It was found that this Dell coming 10 Pro was frankly seductive and offered Nice performance with its Intel Atom X 5 Z8500 processor clocked at 2.24 Ghz and its 4 GB of Ram.

They also greatly appreciated the many connections, be it the Micro SD up to 128 GB, the USB type C, type USB plug has or even exit micro HDMi, Dell did things perfectly well. Another interesting thing, the keyboard dock proposed to € 149 (the same price as for the Type Cover Microsoft) that we could not introduce in our test but which is very nice to use and especially almost essential for those who wish to use this tablet with the suite of Microsoft Office.

The main criticism that can be done from audio that is not up to our expectations, or even an a slight bit graphics (Intel HD Graphics) card that will certainly struggle to make turn pretty greedy video games. Otherwise the price and the finish of this tablet make her a very interesting and affordable product.