Sony Xperia M2 Aqua

The entire phone feels like it’s supposed to be an Xperia Z2 for those who just want to pay half price. But waterproof for SEK 2 500 is nothing to sneer at.

I can not really tearing me from the feeling that this phone is made for people who want it really look like they have a Sony Xperia Z2, but can’t afford or are willing to pay for one. The design is almost identical, and if you haven’t memorized all the details of the design of the Xperia Z2, you need almost put them next to each other to tell them apart. Do you do that, you will see that M2 Aqua is slightly shorter in height, and that the screen is a bit smaller at about the same surface area.

But Xperia M2 Aqua is a mobile phone that costs about half as much as the Xperia Z2. At sales price of the home is more than 2 500 kroons, and it’ll probably fall under £ 200 for a couple of months, just as the non-waterproof forerunner Xperia M2.

Just waterproof is a pretty good sales pitch for M2 aqua, for there are not very many phones in this price range that are waterproof. Another advantage is that it has 4 g, although it is now becoming more common with the 4 g in cheaper mobile models.

What is it when you saved on to get the price down to half the Xperia Z2? Pretty much everything else. The glass and metal in Z2: ans construction is replaced with plastic and recycled plastic. It does not mean, however, that the phone feels plasticky – Sony has done well to get Xperia M2 Aqua feel well built with simple materials. A plus for that one does not have it in the camera button.

The screen is one of the most immediate and obvious savings on your phone. It is partly about the resolution, 540 x 960 pixels are right a little for such a large screen and perceived pixligheten to the naked eye. It is not the best screen is also visible to the viewing angle is quite poor. You do not need to tilt your phone much in any direction before the colors and brightness begins to shift.

To the advantage, it should be said that it’s bright at maximum brightness. It also has a so-called transflektivt layer which makes the screen is fully readable even in direct sunlight.

Under the hood sits the Snapdragon 400 with a quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz. It has become something of an industry standard for cheaper phones, which is only to thank for, for the ship well enough force to Android should flow well and not to have to worry about heavy games. In our performance measurements placed the phone with other Snapdragon 400 models far from top models of today, but a good bit better than before last year’s models performing.

Worse, it is with the memory. 8 gigabytes of storage, of which just over 4 gigabytes is over to the user, is not very much. Space for memory cards available, but applications must be installed in the phone’s internal storage memory. The RAM is at 1 gigabyte. Had it been a Samsung handset, it would have been far too little, but Sony has thankfully not as much services are located and run in the background, so your phone runs great. But be ready that it probably cannot tolerate to be filled with large amounts of apps running in the background before the system begins to upload.

Sony’s imposed on Android is right gentle, and is primarily concerned about appearance rather than functions. We’ve added new apps for email, calendar and photo albums instead of Android’s default apps, which is for the better.

However, slopes not Sony to fill your phone with preinstalled apps, so-called bloatware. It is they who come from third parties, such as the Garmin navigation (which is only a trial version) and Office Office suite. Sony’s own apps can, however, not to delete, and it includes the Playstation Mobile (a service that recently closed down), and Sony’s Select, Xperia Lounge and What’s New, three apps that just goes off on recommending content found elsewhere. They will not weigh down the system considerably, but they are there and take up places in the app list.

The camera has the same app as big brother which gives the smart features such as instant imaging, where you can take 20 pictures on a second and choose the best. It may be necessary, for the camera’s despite its 8 Megapixels really isn’t among the best Sony has in its range. I’m struggling to find any situation in which the camera takes good pictures. Not in high-contrast situations, not in strong sunlight, certainly not in the dark, and the films are not good. But actually, macro photos I take will be really good.

Do you mainly make calls and write text messages and wants something waterproof, there is one point in selecting something cheaper like this. Sony has a good and customizable on-screen keyboard. But the risk is that you will be disappointed with your phone’s sounds that I perceive to be burkigare than usual every time I talk on mobile phones.

The battery life of the phone is clearly accepted, both the we experience in everyday use and we receive in our battery test, where we play the streaming video until the phone dies. If you want to further extend battery life, see Sony’s excellent Stamina mode which reduces background activity when the phone is in sleep mode. Here you can adjust which applications to be active in the background so that, for example, you receive alerts from notification services even when the screen is turned off.

Sony Xperia M2 Aqua is a phone that looks like the Xperia Z2 settled for half the price. On the other hand, you also get less than half of the phone under the hood. In this price range, there are plenty of models that deliver better. Determines if this phone despite it might be worth a look, if you want something cheap that still is waterproof. For in that combination is currently Sony Xperia M2 Aqua without competition.

On the other hand
Daniel Hessel: Depending on preferences is just water resistance very worthy and right with that in mind, succeed M2 right good. Water resistance and Sony’s awesome battery saver mode will correct way with really.

Mobile Battery test
Battery video time: 7 HR 3 min

Questions and answers
How is the included headset?
Non-existent. Headset, you buy for yourself.

The phone is affordable?
For SEK 2 500, I think that it is a bit pricey, but it would fall in price to, say, 1 800 crowns, I would call it affordable.

You can use this phone as a modem to the computer?
Absolutely, and with built-in 4 g, you also get respectable data speeds.

An option for those who …
Cheap water proof: there are no new waterproof cell phones in the same price range as this, but last year’s top model Xperia Z1 is more affordable for about 700 dollars more.

Test chart

Waterproof: IP class 65/68
IP rating means that the phone is dust-proof, resistant to överspolas with water and submerged to a depth of 1.5 metres in 30 minutes.

Price: SEK 2 500
On the one hand, there are not any new waterproof mobile phone sold in Sweden in this price point. On the other hand, there are many phones that are not waterproof, which is both cheaper and better.

Screen: 540 x 960 pixels
For a screen of 4.8 inch, this is a pretty low resolution, and screen stand out because not very positive in terms of viewing angle. But it is light, strong, and can withstand direct sunlight well.